How To Recognise The 5 Early Signs Of Adrenal Fatigue

How To Recognise The 5 Early Signs Of Adrenal Fatigue



I’ve been working with women for years to help them achieve a lean body.


But sometimes it’s not so easy…


Because there’s an underlying something that can stop success…


A common condition that isn’t well recognised in the mainstream medical field.


So it gets missed…


And women continue to get blamed for their failure to shed unwanted fat…


(they get blamed for something that’s not their fault)


See, this condition can cause many signs and symptoms, including trouble achieving a lean body…


It is called adrenal fatigue.


Today I want to talk about 5 early signs that may help you identify if this condition could be interfering with your health and your ability to shed unwanted fat.


1) High levels of fatigue


As the name suggests, women with adrenal fatigued are, well, fatigued.


Trouble getting up in the morning and feeling constantly exhausted can be a sign of this condition.


2) Cravings for salty food


As Dr. Eric Bakker explains, “Low blood pressure (hypotension) is a very common sign of adrenal fatigue — at all stages” and salt may raise blood pressure to help you feel better.


So salt cravings occur…


Because the body is always trying to restore us to balance.


When hormonal changes happen that create a problem, your body will work to remove that problem as best as it can.


3) Do you rely on coffee to get you through the day?


Do you have trouble getting started in the morning without a reviving cup of coffee?


Do you reach for a latte or a cappuccino mid-afternoon to pep you up?


This could be a sign of adrenal fatigue, too.




Coffee is not a harmless beverage…


It is a stimulant that people often rely on when they have adrenal fatigue.


4) Feeling overwhelmed


When we are under chronic stress, our ability to tolerate stress diminishes…


And as the stress continues, adrenal fatigue can develop with signs and symptoms like…


Brain fog…


Poor memory…


Being easily affected by emotions…


And becoming agitated.


And then there’s a problem I see often…


And it’s one of the reasons why women who can’t seem to achieve a lean body ask me to coach them…


5) Unwanted weight gain


Adrenal fatigue can also cause weight gain…


Especially around our mid-section…


Because with chronic stress and adrenal fatigue comes the insulin resistance and inflammation is known to increase our waistline.


I’ve written an article called Are You Suffering from Adrenal Fatigue? to help you understand more about this condition, it’s signs and symptoms, and more importantly, how to help reverse it so you can feel well and achieve the healthy figure you want.


xx Nik


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