5 easy steps to boost your body image & fat loss

5 easy steps to boost your body image & fat loss

I want to talk about something close to my heart…

Transforming your body from the inside out.

Because so many women – possibly just like you – struggle with how they feel about themselves.

And this can negatively impact on success in life and the achievement of a healthy body and mind.

But before we talk about how to boost your body image…

Have you ever thought about why so many of us don’t like what we see when we look in the mirror?

Or why we place so much pressure on ourselves to look at certain way?

In truth, it is unimportant who is to blame for our body image…

What matters is what you do about it, starting now.

Here are the 5 simple steps I use with my clients to boost body image and fat loss…



1) Forgive yourself

For all that you feel you have done or not done…

And for not loving your body at the moment.

2) Accept it

Accept where you are right now.

And stop doing things to punish yourself…

– The fad diets
– The negative language you use to describe your body
– The foods you hate but eat in order to shed fat, or
– Doing exercises you can’t stand in order to ‘tone up’

Moving is important and it’s time to start a new routine that you love!

– Yoga
– Pilates
– Dance…

Whatever makes you feel alive.

3) Breathe

When we get caught in stressful thinking…

And we women think an amazing 60,000 thoughts every day (more than twice as much as men :))…

We can forget to breathe deeply and right down into our tummies.

And this creates a cycle of stressful thinking that can lead to hormonal changes and weight gain.

Instead, when you get caught up in your head use deep belly breathing to calm your nervous system and thought patterns.

4) Write

Grab an old-fashioned pen and paper and write down the words you currently use to describe yourself on the left and the opposite on the right…

When you catch yourself using a negative phrase, stop…

Refer to your sheet and choose a positive option.

Repeat this to yourself instantly three times to rewire your thinking pattern.

Because your words have a tremendous impact on your body and brain.


5) Love

Start with yourself.

And the best form of self-love is doing more of what brings you joy every day, no matter how big or small.

These steps are not merely theories.

They are powerful strategies that I’ve used to transform both my own life and the lives of thousands of women.

I’d love to see you implement them as well, starting today…

Because you deserve it.

xx Nik


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  1. Im going to do more for me beach walk make a day on a weekend out doors instead of dreaded house chores more time with my 12 yr old make her life less stressy and more valuable to herself i look at her and see me im the only one who can show her change is possible

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