Adrenals: Their Role In Health and Stress

Adrenals: Their Role In Health and Stress

You’ve likely heard a little about your adrenal glands because of a growing awareness of the functional condition, adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is a prevalent reason why clients first come to me reporting exhaustion, suffering from brain fog, overwhelm, cravings, reliance on caffeine, and struggling to achieve a lean body.

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However, in this article I want to share how your powerful adrenal glands work in health and in stress.

These two powerful glands sit on top of your kidneys, one on each side, and look like a little hat.

Each is composed of an outer cortex and an inner medulla.

The adrenal cortex produces two crucial classes of hormone; glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids.


As the name suggests, glucocorticoids are involved in glucose metabolism.

When fasting – for example, overnight – our blood sugar level drops.

In this state, glucocorticoids act to boost and maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

They stimulate the production of glucose from protein and fat and stop muscle and fat cells from taking up sugar so the energy remains in the blood, ready for use.

The majority of glucocorticoid activity in humans is through the hormone, cortisol, which is often thought of as a stress hormone…

Why is cortisol known as a stress hormone?

Almost any type of physical or psychological stress triggers elevation of our blood cortisol level.

This ensures we have the energy we need to respond…

Prepares our bodies in case of injury…

And suppresses non-vital organ systems to redirect energy to the brain and neuromuscular system so we can think our way out of trouble and have the muscle strength to fight or flee.

While this is potentially life saving in the short term, longer term elevations of cortisol and stress can lead to poor health and, as an article published in the journal Physical Therapy, says, “Have crippling effects, both physically and psychologically.”

This is one of the reasons why we women need to manage stress well!


The main mineralocorticoid is aldosterone…

Without this hormones we’d die quickly as a salt and water imbalance would lead to serious blood pressure and muscle issues.

The adrenal medulla also produces biological messengers, including adrenaline.


When we suffer from a scare, the sympathetic nervous system kicks in and adrenaline is released, readying us for fight or flight in the blink of an eye.

Our blood pressure and heart rate rise, glucose production jumps, skeletal muscle blood flow increases, and our pupils dilate…

At the same time, digestion, our ability to complete complicated cognitive functions, and reproductive function drops off.

These almost immediate changes shift the focus from processes that enhance wellness to those that raise our chance of survival.

After all, there is no point in digesting your last meal while there is a gaping hole inflicted by a tiger bite and you are bleeding out!

Our adrenal glands are incredible, designed to protect us from harm by triggering an instant stress response (and more).

But, in modern life we rarely met the life threatening situations our adrenals were designed for.

Instead, we have an ancient system that responds excessively to the constant stressors of the now, potentially leading to hormonal changes, ill health and fat gain.

This makes it even more important to calm our stress, be kind to ourselves, and appreciate that our adrenals need love and care just like the other parts of our bodies.

I can promise you, it’s worth it!

xx Nik

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