5 Steps To Shift the Baby Weight

5 Steps To Shift the Baby Weight

Did you gain excess pregnancy weight that has been hard to shift after giving birth?

Maybe a number of pregnancies have led to your weight consecutively soaring with each additional child?

You’re not alone, gorgeous.

I’m excited to share my well-loved tips to help you shed those additional kilos but, before we dive in, it’s important to understand the reasons why pregnancy fat gain occurs and what to expect.

According to a study published in the journal PLOS One, the “recommended upper limit for pregnancy weight gain, based on pre-pregnancy Body Mass Index (BMI), is 16 kg for normal weight, 11 kg for overweight and 9 kg for women with obesity.”

Of course, it’s normal and healthy to gain weight while pregnant: You are creating a baby!

Your growing little one, the placenta and amniotic fluid, increased blood and bodily fluids, expansion of the uterus and breasts, and enhanced storage of adequate nutrients in the form of fat and protein, all add (healthily) to the scales.

However, an estimated 40–60% of women gain excessive weight during pregnancy and this usually comes in the form of increased body fat.

Your body is a whirlwind of hormonal changes throughout gestation and normal pregnancy is a state of insulin resistance, a condition that promotes growth and also weight gain.

Following birth, the female body will ideally return to its pre-pregnancy weight…

But, with a newborn to care for, flagging energy and poor sleep, the possibility of reduced support as health appointments drop off and partners go back to work, and residual challenges like pelvic pain and urinary incontinence, it’s not always simple to shed excess fat.

This can lead to overweight or obesity, postnatally or years after giving birth.

But with the right steps, it is possible to shed any excess fat gain and shift the baby weight.

1) Be realistic

Unachievable goals lead to inevitable failure and the possibility of a cycle of yoyo-ing.

Discuss your aims with a suitably qualified health professional and make a realistic plan, with redundancies in case you need them.

2) Opt for a sensible, easy food plan

Ok, I’m going to guess you’re busy and that spending hours in the kitchen creating ‘perfect’ weight loss meals might not be a possibility.

Instead, choose food options that are fast and wholesome.

I have a range of delish breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, sweets and fat burning snack recipes available here: They’ll help you fall madly in love with healthy foods and take 15 minutes to prepare!

3) Nutrient-rich reigns

Foods that contain ample fibre, protein, nutritious fats, and vitamins and minerals, that are low glycaemic load and free from artificial additives, preservatives and sweeteners, increase the feeling of fullness, ease unconscious overconsumption, and naturally aid fat loss.

4) Workout with your baby

Resistance training builds the muscle mass that burns calories.

But instead of going to gym, why not try out some mother and baby exercises?

Squats with Bubba held to your chest, presses that gently push baby away and then bring them to your face for a kiss, or baby curl-ups are ideas to get you started.

5) Ask for help

Weight loss can be hard at the best of times, let alone when there are underlying hormonal and other physical changes to address.

Reaching out for professional help can provide the success pathway and support needed to achieve a lean body.

With the right advice and strategies, you can rediscover your pre-baby weight and have the energy and confidence you need to fully enjoy motherhood.


xx Nik

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