Exercise Tips: How To Strip Belly Fat And Find Your Bikini Belly

Exercise Tips: How To Strip Belly Fat And Find Your Bikini Belly

“What exercises should I do to tone my stomach?”
Yes, you guessed it, I’m asked this all the time!
There are two parts to the answer …

  1. Increasing the muscle tone of your abs, and
  2. Shedding belly fat so you can see all your hard work.

Let’s start with the first…

Your abdominal muscles are like any other.

To tone and strengthen your core, you’ve got to put these muscles to work.

Rather than those old fashioned sit-ups or crunches, there are better exercise options that incorporate more muscles into a single exercise…

So while your abs get a work out so, too, do other parts of your body.

That means greater results without additional time… as well as burning extra calories.

I love that!

Here are three of my fav’s:

1) The Plank

It looks so simple and works so much!

The how:

Get down on the ground and lay on your tummy.

Raise and support your top half on your elbows: both they and your shoulders should be bent to 90 degrees, with your elbows directly under your shoulders, your forearms pointing forward and the leverage lifting your torso up.

Next, depending on your fitness level, you can either lift your lower half by resting on your knees (easier) or your toes (harder).

Pull your tummy muscles tight and towards your spine, brace and hold.

How long you hold depends on your current ability, so begin with 20 seconds and work up to one minute.

If you lose the correct posture?

Stop: Reposition and start again…

If your posture goes AWOL it’s likely because you aren’t yet strong enough.

2) Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful practice that I strongly encourage all my clients to do.

When it comes to an enviable core, Yoga will enhance your tummy muscles in two ways.

It will strengthen your core through asana’s (or postures); a range of movements and holds…

And reduce the psychological stress that can create a muffin top and bulging belly and hide your hard fought for abs.

The how:

Yoga classes are available online and likely in your local area.

While there is much overlap, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Bikram will boost your muscle strength while Hatha will ease your mind.

3) Swiss ball crunches

Do you have a Swiss ball?

Then this exercise is perfect for you!

The how:
Sit on your ball and find a comfy position, place your feet shoulder width apart.

Now, roll your hips and move your feet forward so your back rests on and is supported by the ball and you approach a horizontal position.

In a controlled way, perform a regular crunch by tightening your tummy and raising your shoulders.


Most times when a woman asks me what exercises will tone her stomach, what she really wants is a flat tummy and to feel comfy, confident, sexy, in her body.

She, maybe like you, might already be following a healthy lean body diet but the results aren’t yet there.

Sound familiar?

This is often because there are underlying hormonal imbalances stopping belly fat from budging.

It’s frustrating!

But with the right knowledge and advice, success can be easier than you think.


xx Nik

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