Could Caffeine Be The Reason Why You’re Not Losing Weight?

Could Caffeine Be The Reason Why You’re Not Losing Weight?

Could coffee be causing your love handles?

If you’re struggling with extra body fat that won’t shift no matter how hard you’ve been trying, I want to ask you some questions.

How much coffee are you drinking? 

And have you ever thought about coffee being the culprit behind extra body fat?

Because it may just be.

In my 6 years of clinical nutrition experience, I’ve seen many women who regularly drink coffee and find it very difficult to lose unwanted body fat and…

And when they stop, crazy things happen that even surprise them! 

I’ve shot a quick video this week to explain the effects that caffeine has on your hormones and weight so you can learn and see if it’s causing any problems for you.

 I uploaded it in the Lean Body Tribe Facebook group for you.

Could caffeine be the reason why you're not losing weight?

This topic raises an important question about the popular fad of supplementing with coffee to achieve a lean body…

What you’ll learn might change everything you thought about coffee and your weight. 

Go here to watch it. 

I hope you find it super helpful!




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