Calories in vs calories out – A dangerous fitness myth!

Calories in vs calories out – A dangerous fitness myth!

As the first day of the new year sprung into life, a good girlfriend and I were discussing an important topic…

What we believe are the foundation steps so you can watch 2020 roll in with a body you adore…

Yes, how you can finally achieve a lean, healthy body… for good!

See, while the calories in, calories out rhetoric is constantly bandied around, it doesn’t work for most people.


It is a simple answer to a complex question and an even more intricate system: The wonderful human body!

And as women, with constant hormonal fluctuations and more frequent weight changes, all this simplistic approach does is makes us feel stressed and guilty…

Which can cause cravings and self-loathing…

It sucks!

This year, I want to show you how to enthusiastically jump off the fat loss rollercoaster and discover a supercharged lean body and a life you love.

Let’s take a look at my top 5 tips to make 2019 the year that everything changes…

1) Detoxification

The chemicals in many personal products, cosmetics and packaging, the food and drink we reach for to pep up our flailing energy, the medications many consume, and the pollution of (particularly) modern cities, can contribute to toxic bodies.

The great news?

We have an inbuilt detoxification system, able to mop up and eliminate many short-term toxins.

The bad news?

As with any long-term stressors, we can become overwhelmed.

When we are unable to detoxify properly, inflammation rises which, along with the insulin resistance it can cause, contributes to excess fat accumulation, especially around the midsection.

Wonderfully, there are steps that enhance the detoxification process, naturally.

  • Drink ample pure water
  • Supplement with pre and probiotics and potent antioxidants
  • Reduce stress
  • Eliminate gluten, dairy, alcohol, and sugar
  • Consume healthy protein
  • Undergo a professionally guided detoxification process (find out how to schedule an appointment with me here)

Plus, in my article Inside Plastic Packaging: Common Chemicals That Create Hormonal Chaos I share how you can lessen your exposure to the hormone-altering effects of product packaging.

2) Rest And Recuperation

While this sounds simple, in practice, it takes work.

See, many of my clients are busy with work, families, and life.

They burn the virtual candle at both ends, making sure everyone else is ok…

But they leave little time for self-love and care.

This year, promise me that you’ll prioritise rest and recuperation!

Remember: one night of poor sleep reduces your insulin sensitivity…

Chronic sleep deprivation negatively impacts on your mood, energy levels, and metabolism, it increases your hunger and cravings, reduces your drive to exercise, harms your productivity, maims your immune function, and literally changes your genetic expression.

3) Abundant Nutrients

We would never consider driving across our beautiful, vast country with half a tank of petrol yet we rarely consider the nutrients required to drive our bodies…

We need macronutrients like complex carbohydrates, protein and fat, plus micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients for each and every bodily reaction and process.

If you consume or absorb less than you need?

Your body cannot work well…

You enter a stage of fat-holding stress…

The will to move and the energy to thrive slinks off through the closest doorway…

To be well and to achieve a sexy silhouette you must be nutrient replete.

4) Heal Your Gut

And speaking of nutritional deficiencies, without a healthy digestive system, this is almost guaranteed!

I often talk about a leaky gut because it is a common and serious issue.

In my article 10 Top Signs You Could Have a Leaky Gut I share ten health challenges that are associated with this digestive problem…

Many that may seem unrelated (including weight gain).

In The 7 Steps I Use With Clients To Repair Their Leaky Gut I talk about simple strategies to heal the gut.

I recommend you read both of these articles!

5) Fun!

Yes, I’ve saved this until last because this three-letter-word is woefully under-appreciated and I don’t want you to forget!


Remember when you were a child and you played for play sake?

Or being a teen who giggled and whispered with your friends about silliness and random adventures?

Light-hearted pleasure culls stress and truly settles us deep within our bodies.

It reminds us what it’s like to be alive…

Fun connects each of us to our purpose and our loved ones.

But with busy lives and the pressures of work, we can forget some of the experiences that we humans are designed for.

Fun is most definitely one of these.


Now that you have a game plan for 2019, here’s to a year you remember for all the right reasons!


xx Nik

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