Coffee: Is This Adored Beverage Doing You Harm?

Coffee: Is This Adored Beverage Doing You Harm?

Do you drag yourself wearily out of bed and immediately put the kettle on because coffee is a necessity rather than a delight?

Maybe you sluggishly arrive at your mid-morning and mid-afternoon break, desperate for a caffeine hit to get you through the rest of the day?

Coffee has become a way of life for many women and while catching up for a cuppa with our friends is good for the soul, daily reliance could do you more harm than good…

And it may signal a bigger, underlying problem.

But before we get to this, let’s look at coffee in a little more depth.

Your latte, espresso, or cappuccino contains thousands of compounds including alkaloids, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, nitrogenous compounds, phenolic compounds, vitamins and, of course, caffeine.

Some people seem able to drink until their heart’s content and love the psychoactive properties (yes, this is why millions of Australians use coffee as a pick-me-up), but others struggle.

So while the media espouses the virtues of caffeine in our coffee culture, I commonly see the other side of the spectrum: Those who coffee negatively effects even though they’ve been lead to believe it is doing them good.

Let’s take a look at the potential negatives of this well-loved beverage and what dependence can mean…

The study Coffee and health: a review of recent human research noted an increase in blood pressure and plasma homocysteine (a marker of inflammation).

And coffee intake has been shown to be a potential trigger for myocardial infarction (a heart attack) in susceptible people.

How do you know you are susceptible?

It’s in your genes!

Other than a genetic test some signs that you may be a slow coffee metaboliser and therefore at greater risk include the post-coffee anxious jitters and sweating, digestive issues and the buzz that kills any hope of sound sleep.

And while there is evidence that coffee consumption may aid insulin resistance, there is also research that shows just the opposite…

A study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry noted that chlorogenic acid (CGA), a major element of coffee, resulted in an increase in insulin resistance in mice on a high-fat diet…

So if you’re following keto, be aware of your coffee consumption because it may put you at an increased risk of poor insulin sensitivity and the health conditions and belly fat that come with it.

And then there is the super common condition I see in many of the hard-working, busy-as-a-bee women I consult with: adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is a functional issue linked, in essence, to too much stress.

Women with this condition often reach for a strong brew to raise their flagging energy levels.

In fact, the need for coffee is one of the signs this condition could be present.

Read more about this in my article I Love Coffee, But It Doesn’t Love Me!

If you notice that you rely on this hot brown liquid as opposed to just enjoying an occasional sip, it could be a sign that something deeper is going on in your body and that we need to talk.

xx Nik

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