It’s Time To Discover a Lean Body: My Top 5 Burning Fat Tips

It’s Time To Discover a Lean Body: My Top 5 Burning Fat Tips

Often, clients come to me because they’ve been struggling to successfully burn fat.

They’ve been on the lean body wagon for a while (sometimes years) and are just not getting the results they deserve.

Others really want to shift their muffin top and soft midsection but don’t know where to begin.

Whether you’ve been struggling to burn fat for a long time or you’re at the start of your journey you are in the right place.

See, there are typical mistakes that lead women to expend a great deal of time, energy and money in exchange for very little result.

So I want to share my top 5 fat burning tips so you know what works and where you may have been going wrong…

Because with the right approaches, it is possible to succeed!

My top 5 fat burning tips

There are five approaches that regularly make the biggest difference for my clients…

1) Resistance training

Resistance training can lead to incredible physiological changes.

This type of training boosts your metabolism so you burn body fat even while you rest.

The increased muscle definition changes how your body looks and can inspire you to continue training — and getting greater results — because your confidence will bloom and you’ll feel wonderful.

And, no, you won’t look bulky!

2) Healthy detoxification

According to the Environmental Working Group, 20% of adults are exposed every day to the seven major carcinogenic impurities.

Often found in the personal care products that we women commonly use, our exposure risk is high.

And there are many more toxins than only those seven!

As the article Chronic Inflammation notes, “Exposure to a low level of a particular irritant or foreign materials that cannot be eliminated by enzymatic breakdown” can lead to inflammation…

And inflammation can lead to insulin resistance and weight gain.

That’s why I regularly take my clients through a professionally guided detoxification process.

Once we reduce a person’s toxic load, often they will begin to shed fat again.

3) The right lifestyle approaches

No, I’m not going to spout the ‘just eat less and exercise more’ mantra here.

Starving isn’t healthy, eating too few calorie isn’t sustainable.

And hitting the gym on a daily basis can stress your body and halt your success.

Instead, switching to healthier options can kickstart your ability to burn fat.

The right foods

Choose whole foods like fresh fruit, loads of vegetables, green leafy salads, legumes, free range eggs, lean organic meats and wild caught fish while setting junk food aside.

Sufficient sleep

Did you know that poor sleep can pack on the pounds?

Research has shown that reduced slumber can lead to endocrine and metabolic alterations and increase the risk of obesity, so it’s crucial to prioritise sleep.


As I’ve already mentioned, resistance training is wonderful for the waistline.

Aerobic training is also helpful but it’s important not to overdo it.

Many women report an hour spent pushing themselves on the cross trainer or treadmill every day, which can lead to increased stress, decreased energy and a plateau.

Find an activity you love, love so regular participation is a joy not torture!

4) Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has caught mainstream media’s attention in the last couple of years because this eating approach can help to burn excess body fat.

When combined with a healthy lifestyle, and some trial and error, this way of eating can be easy to follow and spark a smaller silhouette.

5) Stress relief

Do you feel chronically stressed?

Yes, it’s a super common challenge for my clients, too.

Psychological strain can increase cravings, lead to fatty deposits around the midsection, make it harder to stick to a whole food diet, and down regulate your metabolism so it is easier to gain fat.

Focusing on stress management can make a huge difference.

Great choices include Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, deep breathing, reducing your caffeine intake, spending quality time with loved ones and (one of my favs) reading a great book while relaxing in a warm bath.

These five steps can transform your ability to burn fat and make achieving a lean body easier and fun!

xx Nik

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