How Can Weight Training Improve My Health & Physique?

How Can Weight Training Improve My Health & Physique?

1. Why should I lift weights?

Will cardio not help me get results? Doing Cardio in terms of getting in shape, it’s definitely not the most efficient form of exercise. You only burn calories whilst doing the cardio exercise, but not much happens afterwards. However when doing weight training, the calorie burn continues after the workout is completed, as the body has to use calories to repair itself. When lifting weights you:

  • Increase muscle tone and develop definition
  • Boots metabolism therefore burn more calories
  • Burn more body fat at rest
  • Elevate your mood by producing more endorphins
  • Increase bone density and decrease chances of bone fractures & Osteoporosis
  • Get stronger & can gain more confidence

2. Will women bulk up if they lift weights?

Not at all! Those freaky pictures of bulky women that popped into your mind are body builders, who eat extremely high amounts of food, take supplements and lift heavy weight 1-2 hours per day, 6 days per week for several months at a time. In addition, women have lower testosterone levels, so it is harder for them to gain muscle

3. How can it help with ageing?

Weight training increases your metabolism and it can slow down the ageing process significantly! As we age we lose muscle mass, as seen amongst the elderly, therefore we burn less calories and it becomes easier to put on body fat. When one increases lean muscle mass, they can slow down this process, as well as create a firmer more toned, and younger appearance.

4. How can weight training improve health?

Weight bearing exercise helps to improve bone density, therefore decreasing chances of Osteoporosis, as well as improve cardiovascular fitness. Skeletal muscle mass strongly correlates with improved insulin sensitivity, which lowers your risk of diabetes. Lack of muscle is linked to increased insulin resistance and poor glucose regulation, which can result in Type II Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome.

5. Why is insulin sensitivity important?

Insulin is a hormone that keeps us from starving; it allows glucose (sugar) to enter the cells and use it as energy, instead of using stored body fat. Extra glucose turns into body fat. The better your body deals with glucose, the less insulin is required. How is this important from a weight loss point of view? If insulin is high in the blood, it is almost impossible to burn body fat.

6. How does one get increased muscle mass?

Lifting heavy things! Weights, tires, ropes, pushing sleds, throwing medicine balls etc. The more functional and challenging the training is, the better it is for the body, as it prepares you for the movements you perform in everyday life.

7.What is the most efficient way to losing weight?

What you eat is the most important thing, it’s 80% of your results! Cardio exercise helps but not nearly as much as HIIT (high intensity interval training) or weight training. When these two are combined it is the most effective method to losing body fat.


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