How to Eat Your Perfect Lunch

How to Eat Your Perfect Lunch

I was really annoyed with myself today, as I inhaled the last bite of my delicious lunch (seen below) and noticed towards the end of it that my stomach was in a nut the whole time. Being busy on the phone, social media, laptop….I wasn’t even giving myself the time to consume a meal properly.
How crazy is that??

As soon as I finished eating I could tell I wasn’t digesting, my food was just sitting in my stomach and I already had a tummy ache. No good!

WHY? When eating in a stressed/anxious state our digestive system shuts down. The body’s first priority is to release hormones (adrenaline and cortisol our primary stress hormones) which put us into ‘fight-or-flight’ state a.k.a getting ready to fight back or run away from the Saber tooth tiger. We certainly don’t need to be like this in everyday situations, so try to avoid stressing yourself out, and especially eating in an anxious state. How to eat your lunch in a calm state today?

1. No phones/computers/ipads – just enjoy the meal
2. No eating @ your desk – eat with colleagues, and enjoy a chat
3. Chew your food – 20x at least!
4. Eat slow – put your fork down in between bites and don’t swallow the food until you properly chewed it
5. No coffee before meals – coffee puts you in that fight-or-flight state, therefore stops the flow of digestive enzymes that are needed for digestion
6. No water 20 mins before & after meals – water dilutes these digestive enzymes, which we really need for proper digestion
7. Take your time – at least 15-20mins uninterrupted
8. Eat outside – try to go out to a park nearby where you can get some fresh air and Vitamin D!
9. Sit for 5 mins after – don’t rush off right after you are finished, let the digestion continue properly
10. No exercise immediately – wait 2 hours before doing any exercise


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