Love Handles: What To Do When They Won’t Budge

Love Handles: What To Do When They Won’t Budge

Are you fed up with the spare tyre that has stubbornly wrapped itself around your midsection?

There are a range of reasons that those love handles can be hard to shift, many under-appreciated, even unknown, by the health professionals who guide you.

And even when you are regularly hitting the gym, upping your cardio and following what you’ve been told is a healthy diet, fat can cling to your tummy and sides.

As a review article in the journal Current Obesity Reports found, “Unfortunately, the recommended therapy of dieting and exercise has not led to any amelioration of the high incidence of obesity.”

That raises the question, if only lowering calories and raising physical activity is not the answer for many who are struggling with excess fat gain, what is?

Let’s take a look at 7 of the most common issues I see holding my clients back…

Insulin resistance

Whether it’s because of lack of sleep, poor food choices, psychological stress, a sedentary lifestyle, toxic load, or negative digestive microbial changes, insulin resistance can lead to fatty deposits around your midsection.

Leptin resistance

Leptin is an important hormone that tells us, ‘I’ve had enough. Stop eating. Go and exercise!’

It essentially acts to reduce food consumption and increase energy expenditure.

But in leptin resistance, this effect may be blunted leading to increased appetite and reduced physical activity levels.

Plus, this hormonal change leads to increased adipose tissue inflammation which, as you’ll see in a moment, leads to the accumulation of body fat.


The study What causes the insulin resistance underlying obesity? notes that, “Visceral adipose tissue indeed accumulates macrophages that release inflammatory cytokines, which can impair insulin sensitivity.”

These large white blood cells, known to detect and destroy invaders, produce inflammatory substances that can lead to insulin resistance.

Yes, insulin resistance is known to pack on the pounds.

Adrenal fatigue

Many people live highly stressed lives and a lack of any time out to recovery and reboot.

As psychological strain switches from acute to ongoing, the temporarily elevated production of stress hormones continues in the longer term.

This is not healthy for the body or mind and can lead to a functional condition called adrenal fatigue.

And, yes, adrenal fatigue may lead to bellies and love handles growing in girth.

In my article Are you suffering from adrenal fatigue? I share the functions of the adrenal glands, the signs and symptoms that commonly accompany this condition, and the lifestyle strategies that can help.

Gut troubles

Yes, this is a biggie!

Research published in Nutrition Today shows that, “In overweight [and] obese humans, low faecal bacterial diversity is associated with more marked overall adiposity and dyslipidemia, impaired glucose homeostasis and higher low-grade inflammation.”

If your gut bugs are imbalanced, gaining unwanted and hard to shift belly and body fat is a distinct possibility.

Insufficient sleep

Eeeek! Lack of sleep is a super common challenge for my busy clients.

Yet researchers have shown that sleeping less than five hours per night increases the chance you will gain fat.

What can you do?

This study found that those who sleep six hours were at less risk.

I would recommend seeking your slumber sweet spot with some trial and error but I must say this: It is important to set aside time to discover your sleep needs and then stick to these in earnest.

Muscle mass loss

As we remain sedentary, a lack of physical activity can take its toll…

And as muscle mass drops, so does the ability to burn fat.

Resistance training helps to bolster healthy muscles and this can help to shed that belly fat.

xx Nik

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