Meat and Nut Brekky

Meat and Nut Brekky

The meat and nut brekky is the breakfast of champions! It’s where the magic happens. This breakfast has become mainstream in the fitness industry in the last few years. No wonder… this is your best bet if you want to get results FAST.

There is not enough space here to list the benefits of this breakfast for those wanting to lean down (decrease body fat), increase lean muscle, improve insulin sensitivity and prevent cravings and energy slumps throughout the day.

If someone asked me 2 years ago to eat this for breakfast I would have laughed, but today I get excited thinking about my juicy morning steak. Yum! I don’t let it discourage me that your breakfast plate looks like most man’s dinner plate. To me it just means I’m swapping my meals around, and instead of having it for dinner, I have it early in the morning and in the evening have whatever I like. Even eggs.

When you start seeing the amazing results and benefits, such as rapid fat loss, less cravings, stay full longer (satiety), you will soon change your mind about this weird breakfast.

Some of my favourite combinations:

  • grass fed steak with cashews
  • turkey muffin with almonds and a side of strawberries for dessert
  • kangaroo with blueberries, cinnamon and coconut oil;
  • kangaroo with macadamias;
  • cinnamon organic chicken thigh with pistachios;
  • organic grass fed lamb with brazil nuts.

Feel free to get creative, or check out my favourite ways of preparing the meat and nut breaky!


If you are still hesitant just try it twice per week at first. You might be pleasantly surprised!

HOT TIP: cook the steak fresh first in the morning. It literally takes a 5-minute sizzle on each side, you can grill up a storm in between brushing your teeth and putting clothes on.

An example of my brekky: 80g of steak, 20g of walnuts & 50g of frozen blueberries dusted with cinnamon!


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