How To Fight Mid-Afternoon Energy Slumps, Naturally

How To Fight Mid-Afternoon Energy Slumps, Naturally

As 3 pm rolls around do you feel the energy seeping from your body, your brain filling with fog and the insatiable munchies crying out for attention?

This could be a sign that your blood sugar is dropping.

Let me explain…

A car needs fuel to keep motoring along, right?

When it runs out it comes to a… grinding… halt…

But we humans are more complex.

Our fuel comes in the form of blood sugar and as it falls a cascade of biological events occurs to ensure we don’t experience the same fate as the car.

Adrenaline kicks in to liberate blood sugar and we can feel shaky, tired and irritable…

Our hunger escalates and with it a penchant for sweet, sugary foods IMMEDIATELY!

We can feel anxious and unable to concentrate.

Many women experience this unhealthy mid-afternoon slump – and the cravings and problems that come with it – every. single. day…
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Sometimes this lifelong struggle can be banished within weeks.


Here are my top 4 tips to cull mid-afternoon slumps, naturally…

1) Avoid high glycaemic load (GL) foods

When we eat carbohydrates (particularly) our body releases the hormone, insulin, to remove excess sugar from our blood.

When we consume high GL foods it causes a spike in available sugar.

To combat this, the amount of insulin released is increased to guide excess glucose from the bloodstream and into the cells.

But heightened insulin levels can move too much sugar from the blood resulting in what’s called a reactive hypoglycaemia…

Our blood sugar drops too far leaving us ready to kill for a Nanna nap.

When does this happen?

Within hours of a meal!

To combat this follow a low glycaemic load food plan, include healthy protein and fat with every meal and eat slowly.

2) Schedule sufficient sleep

Did you know your body needs sufficient sleep for optimal insulin sensitivity?

Lack of zzz’s can affect your metabolism and make it harder to maintain stable blood sugar levels, leading to the dreaded 3 pm energy slump.

To sleep better than a Zen monk:

  • Avoid blue light before bed (yes, turn off the TV and put away your laptop and smartphone)
  • If you have to work into the wee small hours, use a filter screen or app like f.lux to limit your exposure
  • Opt for a comfy, supportive mattress and pillow
  • Set a regular time to wake
  • Ensure your bedroom is quiet, dark and comfortably cool and, where possible, that you won’t be disturbed

3) Get active

Feel an impending slump looming?

Get out from behind your desk and go for a brisk walk.

Don’t have the time for a brief saunter?

Run up and down on the spot for several minutes.

4) Be protein proactive

I love this tip because it can banish mid-afternoon slumps in a matter of weeks!

An hour before the energy vampire is due to descend, eat a boiled egg, a handful of nuts or a small tin of tuna.

It’ll provide the energy needed to sail through the afternoon unimpeded.

Even if mid-afternoon slumps may have been your constant companion for years, these simple tips can banish this energy sap for good.


xx Nik

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