5 Top Reasons You Are Struggling To Achieve Permanent Fat Loss

5 Top Reasons You Are Struggling To Achieve Permanent Fat Loss

Drum roll…

I’m super excited to share this post because while I get asked a lot of questions in my coaching, “How do I lose weight?” is certainly the most common…

Not surprising for the lean body coach!

Many women come to me after previously trying and failing, or having succeeded and then yo-yo-ed back up to a higher weight than they were before…

It’s beyond frustrating!

Why does this happen?

The calories in, calories out theory has so many holes it pretty much leaks.

And to add insult to injury, the person trying in vain to shed unhealthy kilos then bears the brunt of blame…

You mustn’t be trying hard enough…

You need to eat less and exercise even more

What’s wrong with you?

Sound familiar?

But there are a great many lies we’ve been fed about weight loss.


Often my clients have tried the whole calories in, calories out thing and failed and then bought into the belief that their body – that they – are a failure.

But it’s not them that’s at fault, it’s the quick fix philosophy and the gleaming over the actual causes of fat gain because very few health professionals dive deeply into the causes…

And without a cause, you can’t find the cure!

I’m going to guess you know something about the right diet and exercise and if you don’t already, this blog is a great resource.

Instead, let’s look at the seldom considered causes for fat gain that I see in my clients all… the… time… so you know the truth and can stop the self-blame game.

1) Stress

When we feel under stress, our biology changes.

Insulin sensitivity drops, adding belly fat and hunger.

Cortisol increases, moving fat from other storage areas to your tummy, maturing baby fat cells into adult versions, increasing the hormone ghrelin to boost your appetite and your in-built choice of foods shifts to those that are filled with fat and sugar.

2) Lack of sleep

In an ideal world, we need around eight hours per night of sleep…

How do you fare on this front?

For those who sleep less, the impact on insulin sensitivity is profound with a single night of poor zzz’s able to cause a significant down-regulation (yes, imagine what chronically reduced sleep can do)!

Your metabolism becomes less effective, hunger rises, cravings escalate and your waist circumference and risk of obesity skyrocket.

3) A leaky gut

The gut is so intimately linked with health and body size that I still find it astounding that health professionals don’t look to this as the first port of call for those needing to shed unhealthy kilos.

As the British Journal of Medicine noted, the billions of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa in our digestive system “are key to many aspects of human health including immune, metabolic and neurobehavioural traits.”

Many studies have shown a dysbiosis in those with overweight and obesity…

A lower gut bug diversity, altered energy regulation, elevated pro-inflammatory processes, and a leaky gut are a woeful combination that fights against a lean body.

4) Hormone imbalance

There are many hormone imbalances that increase body fat…

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), hypothyroidism, elevated cortisol, diabetes, menopause…

Until you address these imbalances, the chance that you will achieve a healthy, lean body is limited.

5) Medications

Many medications are known, fat gainers…

Certain types of anti-depressants, drugs for diabetes, antipsychotics, epilepsy medications, the oral contraceptive pill.

Never stop a medication without medical advice: Talk to your pharmacist or doctor about these.

If you’ve been struggling to shed unhealthy fat, we need to get to the bottom of the cause.

Only then can we implement proven strategies to target your exact problems.

Ready to transform your life?

Let’s get to it!


xx Nik

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