How to Harness the Power of your Mind to Shed Excess Kilos

How to Harness the Power of your Mind to Shed Excess Kilos

Often it’s not only the food we eat, the exercise we do or the lifestyle choices we make that lead to a stable, lean body…

There’s something deeper.

And when we fail at our fat loss goals?

This something deeper could be acting as a destructive cat amongst the pigeons.

What is it?

Your mindset!

See, your beliefs determine your behaviours.

When women begin coaching with me, we need to uncover their deeply held beliefs – their mindset – as this will determine their future success and how we tailor their fat loss plan.

As the right mindset is key, I want to share how this can impact your health and your slimming success.

Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, identified two types of mindsets: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

Someone with a fixed mindset believes that their traits are unalterable…

Intelligence, talent, persistence, even waist size…

You can easily imagine how a person with a fixed mindset could blame genetics for their additional kilos and this could undermine their progress.

Someone with a growth mindset, however, knows that abilities are developed through hard work and dedication.

They understand that with the right training, food plan, and lifestyle approaches, a healthy body and mind are achievable.

Which mindset do you think will lead to a lean body?

Absolutely: a growth mindset… every… single… time!

If you find yourself stuck with your fixed switch flicked on, there are ways to move towards a growth mindset…

And if you already have the growth variety, there are ways to develop this further.

Let’s take a look…

1) Acknowledge where you are now

By non-judgementally accepting there are habits and areas that need improvement, you can work toward cultivating positive change.

2) Try different approaches

Have you “failed” at shedding unwanted kilos before?

Great! You’ve discovered one way that doesn’t suit you!

Cross it off the list and move onto an informed, different option.

3) Set aside approval seeking

To truly change requires a different path, paved by new behaviours, and cemented with developed, learned beliefs.

Not everyone around you may be comfortable with this new you and that’s ok.

Once you stop seeking the approval of others and begin listening to your heart and working on self-love, growth will flourish.

This is where having a coach in your corner can be transformative.

4) Focus on ‘not yet’ as opposed to failure

How you talk to yourself matters.

These internal conversations can lead to breakthroughs or breakdowns.

Life – and achieving a lean body – is not a pass or fail grade…

If you are not yet where you’d like to be, consider your journey a work in progress rather than an overarching black mark against your name and worth.

5) Cut yourself some slack

Setting goals are important but they need to be realistic and achievable.

Aiming to shed 20 kg in 2 months will likely lead to a loss of motivation, not a loss of fat.

Unrealistic goals commonly result in feelings of a failure of the self.

These types of goals can raise unhealthy thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I just don’t have what it takes’, ‘It’s obviously not how my body is meant to be, maybe I should just accept being overweight?’

(Sound familiar?)

Instead, break your goal down into smaller, achievable portions.

As you tick off each success you’ll grow self-confidence and belief…

And this will lead to further successes.


All while growing your mind and moving towards a healthy body you love.


xx Nik

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