The Consequences Of Putting Everyone Else’s Need’s First

The Consequences Of Putting Everyone Else’s Need’s First

Why putting everyone else first is harming them and you

From the time we were very little, we’ve had it driven into our minds…

Don’t put yourself first! It’s selfish! Think of others!

And while well-intentioned, after all, no-one appreciates someone who only has themselves at heart, we’ve become confused and consider the art of self-love, selfish.

The consequences are dire.

See, we each have an energetic well that needs to be regularly replenished with relaxation, time out, engaging in wonderful pastimes and exercises we love and space to just be.

If we don’t prioritise these needs, our energy dwindles and we simply can’t give to ourselves or others fully…

And a dry well serves no-one.

Yes, we’ve been convinced that continually running on the ‘give more’ treadmill is the mark of a good wife, Mum, employee or business owner, member of society…

Especially for us women!

It’s left many of my clients in the confusing space: They desperately need time-out but don’t feel they can or should take it…

Sound familiar?

We need to break this ill-considered thinking, this false mirror we hold up to ourselves.

After all, you’d tell your bestie to go on a retreat or to bed for a much-needed sleep at the drop of a hat, right?

Today I need to be blunt:

You can’t give what you don’t have, so while this isn’t the sole reason for taking time to love and nurture yourself, it will resonate with many of you so let me say that again: You can’t give what you don’t have!

And when you try?

I see so many incredible women dragging themselves through life, struggling with depression, anxiety and a less than fulfilling existence because they are stressed, overwhelmed and utterly exhausted.

Add to this the health conditions that can result from non-stop serving, like…

Adrenal fatigue with its high level of fatigue, cravings for salty foods, coffee to get through the day, feeling easily overwhelmed and gaining unwanted belly fat.

Insulin resistance and its tummy fat, tiredness and sugar cravings.

Depression and anxiety from chronic stress.


No matter how hard it can be, we must (and can) learn to gift ourselves time and self-love.

Gently and with slow deliberate actions…

  • Relaxation Yoga
  • 5 minutes of deep breathing each day
  • Scheduling sufficient sleep
  • Morning journalling
  • A weekly date night (yes, with yourself)
  • A 30-minute walk
  • Reading a novel
  • The practice of mindfulness meditation
  • Soaking in a warm bath
  • Listening to calming music
  • Regular sips of Chamomile tea
  • A hand massage (these are quick and lovely)!
  • Squeezing a stress ball
  • Aromatherapy
  • Laughter
  • A cuppa with a good friend
  • Planning a retreat

Once we are balanced and topped up, when our well is filled with the energy we need, we will become happier, healthier and more content and can then extend this compassion and our time and energy to others.

xx Nik

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