How to Soften the Appearance of Stretch Marks

How to Soften the Appearance of Stretch Marks

With Summer (if you are in Australia) comes gorgeous beach weather, and if you’ve been working hard to achieve a healthy figure, you may have already shaken the winter cobwebs from your bikini?

At this time of year women often shimmy into their cozy and then reach out to me…

Nik! How can I get rid of my stress marks?

First, it’s important to make sure they are the usual striae that accompany weight fluctuations…

(The joys of being a woman!)

If they appear wide and reddish purple and accompany thin, fragile skin, a rounded face, a portly belly, and other signs of ill health like an irregular menstrual cycle, psychological issues or excessive hair growth, have a chat to your doctor to make sure you don’t have Cushing’s Syndrome (please note: this condition is rare).

However, if they are the run of the mill variety (this is by far the most likely scenario) these three well-loved remedies may help…

1) Self-massage with Centella Asiatica (Asiatic pennywort)

While this leafy green aquatic plant is loved abroad for its use in salads, with curries, and as a drink, it is its use in topical creams that could provide relief.

Research has shown it is able to stimulate the skin’s fibroblasts into action, helping to prevent stretch marks from developing during pregnancy.

This ability could also offer hope for those who have already developed striae.

2) Coconut oil

Coconut oil may lessen the appearance of stretch marks, but not in the way you imagine.

It can significantly boost the hydration of our skin as well the lipid levels of the skin’s surface.

This softening may bring with it the reduced appearance that many of my clients swear by.

(This oil is one of my fav’s!)

3) Try a natural tanning lotion

As our skin naturally darkens in the summer’s rays, stretch marks can become more obvious.

Rubbing on an overall natural tanning lotion can camouflage these discoloured areas and help you to feel great about heading out to enjoy your holidays.

It can take a number of tries to find an option that will work for you and while you are searching, remember…

Stretch marks are common and we often notice them more than others.

Don’t let them get in the way of enjoying this incredible time of year!


xx Nik

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