Sweet Cravings: Why They Happen And How To Stop Them

Sweet Cravings: Why They Happen And How To Stop Them

Are you cravings sweets after every meal?

For many women, this challenge stops them from achieving the lean body they desire.

If that sounds familiar, I’m so glad you are here!

There are two reasons that cravings occur…

Physiological and psychological.

I’ll begin with physiological because it’s important to address health at a cellular level first.

Then, once that part is taken care of, it’s important to work on an emotional level as this is both complex and crucial.

Physiologically, if you eat processed and packaged food your body will adapt and you’ll crave these types of unhealthy products.


When you eat loads of sugar – or the processed carbohydrates that quickly break down into sugar – the microbial balance in your gut changes.

Certain types of yeast and bacteria thrive on sugar and as you consume excess sweetness in the form of breads, baked goods, chips, and cookies, the bad gut bugs grow in numbers…

These increased gut bugs need more sugar to ensure their continued survival so, being innately self-preserving, they elevate your cravings to safeguard a steady supply.

So, how can you reverse this?

Here are four of my top tips:

  1. Stop eating these types of foods!
  2. Switch to whole foods.
  3. Eat vegetables: The more green veggies and juices you can get into your food plan, the better…
    Cucumber, celery, parsley, spinach, and a little green apple are all wonderful for your cells!
  4. Drink ample herbal tea and water.

As you transition, the cravings for sugar-rich foods will subside.

Next, and more complicated, is the psychological component.

When you have an unmet emotional need you will want to fill that void.

When we’re not feeling truly happy, connected and fulfilled in one or a number of areas, it’s natural to look to external factors to fulfill that need…

And the easiest, most accessible thing is food!

While this isn’t helpful long term, in the moment it instantly changes your state.

You feel elevated… for a little while…

Until it hits home that you’ve just consumed a third of your daily calorie intake in a single bar of chocolate, you’ve ruined all that hard work at gym, and the guilt sets in.

Ah, well, you think:

“I may as well keep eating, I mean, I’ve messed up anyway. I’ll start again tomorrow.”

The trouble is, this cycle is rarely limited to a single day.

What you need to do is find out what the void is and fill it with something not food related.

What can you do instead?

I advise my clients to come up with a list of practices to encourage self-love.

Maybe it’s enjoying a beautiful candle lit bath or having a cuddle with a loved one.

It could be a nourishing conversation or a barefoot walk in nature.

Pour a cup of gorgeous herbal tea and read a magazine for 30 minutes, allowing yourself to completely switch off.

Any healthy practices that make you feel calm, relaxed and centred are perfect.

Journal your thoughts and ideas; note down what will fill that need in those moment where you are tempted to reach for food.

Remember, also, focus on the produce you can eat not those items you shouldn’t.

xx Nik

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