What To Do When You Feel Too Guilty To Take Time For Yourself

What To Do When You Feel Too Guilty To Take Time For Yourself

I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess your life is pretty hectic…

Running children from place to place, being present and productive at work, organising your home, finding time for your partner.

There is so much to do that out eking much-needed self-time may have become a long forgotten memory?

And you’re so crazy busy that you believe you just… don’t… have… space… in your occupied world to do nothing?

You worry that you’d need to sacrifice being all things to all people to grab any decent period of peace.

But, like a well that’s run dry, it’s impossible to give when there’s nothing left…

And for many women I help, they’ve been running on empty for years!

It’s time to turn this around so you can level down your stress, allow your body and mind to rest and gain control of your sanity, life, and your body, too.

(Yes, stress can increase your waistline!)


Here are my top 3 tips…

1) It’s your biology: Understand why you feel the way you do

Our bodies are designed for the threats of yesteryear so when a life-threatening situation arose, changes instantly occurred to focus us on the feat of survival…

This stress was necessary and temporary lest we were eaten or speared.

After the threat passed, the relaxation and recuperation arm of the nervous system kicked in to turn down heightened levels of edginess and allow us to de-stress.

In modern times, though, the stresses rarely abate…

Our sympathetic system is constantly turned on and it… is… exhausting!

And because this system puts us on edge (after all, fighting for survival is an intense business) that’s how we feel in life:

“I need to do a, b, and c, or life as I know it will end!”

Ok, so maybe I’m being a little dramatic for effect, but take the time to connect with how you feel…

Often it will be a variation on this theme because you don’t want to be or offer ‘less’…

And yes, then the guilt kicks in!

But when we understand this is simply our ancient biology talking, in a modern world that rarely benefits from that intensity, it becomes possible to begin to let go.

2) Tweak your mindset

With tensions working furiously in the mind, it feels like the time to stop doesn’t exist…

But this is the stress talking and it’s simply an inaccurate thought.


By avoiding regular relaxation, our energy ebbs, focus declines, we become irritable and these changes negatively impact on ourselves and those around us.

(Wondering if this is true? Ask your family)

The interesting thing is: Scheduled time to recoup will improve your health, your productivity and your happiness and allow you to be present, positive and create more self-time.

Remember: If you’ve been on a flight you will have heard the hostess say, “Please fit your mask before helping others…”

It’s a great mindset to have.

3) It’s action time!

Imagine you were advising your stressed out child or best friend…

Would you hesitate or encourage them to schedule much-needed downtime?

With this in mind, it’s time to take action.

Start by scheduling one hour per week and build up when the habit is embedded.

What should you do?

Whatever you want as long as the focus is on chilling…

Read a book, have a relaxation massage, meditate, go for a gentle walk, catch up with a fun friend who won’t bring you down.

Turn OFF all notifications so you won’t be disturbed.

The first few times might feel like a baby bird’s first flight: tentative and unsure if this is the right thing to do.


Soon you’ll notice something profound: The world doesn’t fall apart!

In fact, it will get better!


xx Nik

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