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Success Stories
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Angelina (54) - was able to come off her thyroid medication and lost 7 kilos.

Her energy and health improved dramatically and her skin feels radiant.

"Today for the first time ever I felt confident looking at myself in a mirror while trying on several dresses in a clothing shop and wasn't too bothered with the shop assistant seeing me in my bra and underwear!  BIG BIG SMILE FROM ME !!!"

Eve (35) lost a dress size, slimmed down and got back into her skinny jeans.
She noticed massive changes in her digestion and overall health. Through diet she was able to slow down ageing and transformed her skin. Now she has a natural glow and doesn't have to wear as much makeup.

"My mood and perception of life has changed. I wake up in the morning and I feel grateful. 35 years on this Earth and I've never felt as good as I do now. Thank you!!"

Amanda (50) lost her belly fat and achieved a toned stomach.
Amanda - being a personal trainer- had been training for many years with no results and felt stuck. Through the LBA program in 10 weeks she was able to overcome the plateau and lost her tummy that previously wouldn't budge no matter what she tried.

"Through working with Nik I was able to get rid of my flabby tummy after having my son and I'm really happy with that! I noticed big changes in my skin, all my acne cleared up and I now have people complementing on my skin." 
Heather (58) lost 9 kilos and overcame bloating. 

Heather was suffering from severe bloating after meals, she felt sluggish and she was hesitant about losing weight at her age. In just 10 weeks she lost 9 kilos, she is no longer bloated and her skin became tighter.

"I wasn't even really trying and I was losing a kilo per week. Before the program I would look 6 months pregnant after eating certain foods, but now I no longer feel bloated. And my energy levels are so much higher than they were before.

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Client Interviews
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Suzy (38) overcame 7 years of bloating & digestive issues, and became free of stress

Suzy is 38 and owns a beauty salon. She had been suffering from digestive issues and bloating for years. After meals she looked like 6 months pregnant. Within two weeks on the LBA program her bloating was gone and she saw remarkable changes in her digestion.

"I was quite stressed but Nik taught me how to calm, meditate and listen to my body and now I feel fantastic. Even customers tell me I am look and act different, it's like I released this heavy weight off my shoulder."

Susie (50) lost 12 kilos and 60 cms and rocked her little black dress for her 50th birthday

Susie is a full-time mom of 4 kids.
She felt mentally and physically depleted, her body was puffy and the extra weight she was carrying was affecting her confidence, mood and her marriage. She wanted to be the best version of herself again and look and feel great for her 50th birthday.

"I was surprised at how much fat I lost! Nik has a wealth of knowledge and she really cares."

Kirsteen (53) lost her belly fat, 2 dress sizes, gone down 10 kilos, and regained her energy. 

Kirsteen full-time nurse and mum of 4 was struggling with her weight, mood and lack of energy. No matter what she did nearly fell asleep her way to work.

"All of the sudden my stomach disappeared!
I lost 2 dress sizes and 10 kilos, and my digestion has improved so much. My skin became so much clearer, it's like velvet.
Following the program was so easy! Within a week we were all eating the same food at home.
Even the way I approach problems in life has changed just by doing this program."

Linda (38) within 2 weeks her clothes felt loser, she lost 5 kilos and toned up 
Linda was struggling with extreme fatigue, Coeliac disease and digestive problems. She wanted more energy and to feel confident in a bikini.

Within 2 weeks her energy was back, her clothes started to feel loser and her body was toning up. Now she feels amazing and happy in a bikini.

"Within 2 weeks my clothes felt loser. I have so much more confidence than before, it's amazing!
I used to crave chocolate and wine and I don't even need them anymore to fix a bad day, I just crave healthy food." 

Cait lost all the weight she wanted in 2 weeks.

Cait is a business coach who due to being busy and traveling let her fitness, health and food choices take a back seat and she put on weight which made her feel uncomfortable in her body and clothes.

"The thing that has blown my mind was knowing what to do and how to actually train at the gym.  I  never would have gotten results this fast without restricting myself in anything!"

Emma lost 9 kilos. Overall it's 66 cm in just 12 weeks.

Emma works in a very busy corporate environment and struggled with stress. She wanted to lose 10-12 kilos and eliminate bloating because she lost the confidence and energy to hang out with friends.

"I got results very quickly. I am now more controlled of my emotion and  more confident in myself! " 

The biggest impact was improved sleep, so much more energy, and I became a much more positive person.

Justine works full time in a managerial position and she's a mom of two children. Her work and family suffered because she was exhausted all the time and wasn't able to take good care of herself. She has bad skin, hair, nails and not sleeping well at all.

"All my hair loss came back, sleeping a 1000% better and feeling really strong and healthy. At work I'm more focused and engaged. I'm a much more positive person now and we are a much happier family as a result; I have more energy to spend with them."

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Before & After
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Client Testimonial

"My skin and  eyes are brighter and I feel like a fresher version of myself! I've l'lost weight, my digestion is so much better."

I was also able to kick the coffee habit. The food options were more varied than  expected, and the recipes were easy to follow and tasty. I would definitely recommend the program for those who struggle with bad habits and around food and have issue with  23-30 kgs of hard to shift weight.

Patricia F.
Founder of Warmly Nourished, Sydney AU

"My stomach is no longer bloated, my skin is clearer and I have dropped centimetres from around my waist and hips - my clothes finally fit again and my skin is glowing!"

The best thing about Nik is that she explains everything to you - what you need to do and why it is important. I'd recommend Lean Body Accelerator to anyone who is genuinely interested in improving their health.

Lauren S.
Sydney AU
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Client Successes
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