When You Hate Working Out: Exercise Options That Rock

When You Hate Working Out: Exercise Options That Rock

We’ve all been there, whether it’s for a day or a longer period of time…

You’ve hit the work out wall and desperately need inspiration so you don’t give up on physical activity altogether!

I get it…

I love, love helping busy women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s to get a body and a life they love and sometimes it takes some out-of-the-box thinking and a heavy sprinkle of fun.

Here are 5 of my fav ways to get out of the gym and into healthy movement…

1) What do you love?

If the idea of your next spin class fills you with dread, but pedalling in the elements with the wind sweeping past your skin invigorates your senses, switch your approach.

There are likely to be safe, beautiful cycling tracks close to where you live.

Maybe you can find a form of physical activity that doesn’t feel like work at all?

Dance. Walking meetings. Rock climbing. Take a Yoga class. Revert to your childhood and wiggle your hips around inside a hula hoop. Get a Wii Fit and run, pose and slog that virtual tennis ball around.

2) Activate your friends

There’s something super fun about hanging with your friends and no-one said catch ups ought to be seated!

Need some inspired ideas?

Join a team sport.

Play tag.

Delve back into your primary school years and play a game of double dutch skipping, hopscotch or handball.

Put on the music and hip hop or belly dance ’till your heart’s content.

3) Chunk and sneak physical activity into your day

Does the idea of placing one tired step in front of the other for a 60 minute treadmill session feel impossible?

Instead of forcing yourself into a lengthy activity you loathe, break it down into chunks…

A 10-minute walk at morning and afternoon tea, plus lunch or after work, quickly adds up to a significant amount of physical activity.

Or sneak activity into your day without stripping time away from your busy life…

Complete a set of walking lunges when you need to go from one end of your house to the other anyway…

Hold a squat while brushing your teeth in the a.m. and p.m. to strengthen your legs…

Get a standing desk or Swiss ball for your desk at work.

4) Fun family time

Get active with your family…

In the summer, head outside for a water balloon fight or a swim in the sea.

Build and nurture a garden together.

Walk to your local park and chase a frisbee, wrestle or play a game of cricket.

5) Volunteer

There are plenty of people in your community who would benefit from someone, just like you, who can help them clear their garden, vacuum their home, walk their dog, or organise and participate in a fun run.

From one-off volunteering to a regular commitment, their are physically active options available to serve others.

This is wonderful for both your body and your spirit.

While we often consider physical activity in the context of gym and a workout, there are many options available so find what works for you and choose that!

xx Nik

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