I help when diets can't.

Reclaim Your Body and Your Life. Lose 14-24 lbs and feel energized to show up at the top of your game. Every. Single. Day. Let me show you the way.

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Get a Flat Tummy and Beat the Belly Bloat in Just 3 Days

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Hey there Beautiful...

You’re an ambitious, driven, go-getter. You're crushing it in your career, you're at the top of your game, you can do-it-all and achieve anything you set your mind to, but when it comes to your BODY, it feels like things are HOPELESS. Well, I see you. I'm here to not just give you hope again but to help you lose the weight for good. I've helped 1,000's of women just like you and now it's your turn. Here's why I'm not like the things you've tried before.

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Here Are 3 Ways you can rock the board room and your skinny jeans...

Because the secret to ending the rollercoaster of yo-yo diets and reaching your ideal weight is addressing the ROOT cause of the weight: Mindset, Hormones and Nutrition

Hi Beautiful

I’m Nik, the revolutionary behind the New Paradigm of Weight Loss and The Lean Body System — a movement that’s revolutionizing the way women think about losing weight...

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What Clients Say

“I wasn’t even really trying and I was losing a kilo per week."

Heather (58)

“After just 2 weeks of working with Nik the weight started to move, I was like ‘Oh my Goodness!!’ I have so much more energy, feel so much better inside!"

Paula (42)

“Today for the first time ever I felt confident looking at myself in a mirror while trying on several dresses in a clothing shop."

Angelina (54)

The 5 Crucial Steps To Eliminate Bloating and Flatten Your Belly in the Next 3 Days

(Without counting calories or cutting out carbs!)

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