5 Key Steps to a Lean Body for Women with PCOS (and hormonal imbalance)

Published July 26, 2018

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal…



Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal syndrome and one of its main signs is weight gain.


See, women with PCOS have higher than ideal levels of inflammation and insulin resistance…


And even slender women with this common syndrome carry more of their weight as fat…


Including more fat around their middle.


And PCOS can make it difficult to achieve a lean body, especially when you don’t understand this syndrome well.


Which can lead to failed attempt after failed attempt…


Yet with the right approaches, you can succeed…


As many of my clients have.


Here are 5 of the success tips I give my PCOS clients to help them shed excess kilos…


1) Sufficient sleep


Did you know that one night of poor sleep can reduce insulin sensitivity?


So imagine what chronic poor sleep habits can do.


And with a reduced sensitivity to insulin, weight creeps on as do other signs and symptoms like acne, excessive hair growth and even diabetes.


2) Better manage stress


I talk about stress a lot because it really matters for women who want to achieve a lean body.


But in PCOS, this is even more important.


See stress increases insulin resistance and inflammation, two drivers of fat gain that are already heightened in PCOS.


Meditation, gentle exercise like walking, spending time with loved ones, and learning to love oneself are key.


3) Resistance training


When we perform resistance training we benefit our bodies in a number of ways…


We boost our metabolic rate…


Release endorphins that lead to reduced stress…


And improve insulin sensitivity.


These are all crucial in shedding unwanted fat in this common syndrome.


4) Include healthy protein


Including healthy proteins, like fresh fish, nuts, seeds, and tempeh, with every meal helps to moderate our blood sugar response…


Which leads to improved insulin sensitivity.


Healthy protein also keeps us full for longer and means we eat less over the day.


5) Detoxify


Detoxification is really important and often overlooked.


Yet the evidence shows toxins can increase inflammation and reduce insulin sensitivity…


And they are all around us.


Toxins can also lead to a plateau in women with PCOS…


As weight is shed, toxins are released from the fat cells, triggering insulin resistance and a weight loss plateau.


At this stage, women can feel disappointed and fall off the wagon.


But what it means is you need a professionally guided detoxification program to release those built up toxins and start losing unhealthy fat again.


Like my 10-Days to a Total Body & Mind Detox.


With the right steps, you can beat your PCOS weight gain and achieve a slender body, too.



xx Nik


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