Your body type reveals which hormones are out of balance

Published April 26, 2018

When I look at clients who want to get lean…

When I look at clients who want to get lean I can often tell right away which hormones are stopping their success. So today I wanted to talk about this important topic so you understand the challenges we might need to address to slim down your physique.

Ok, the first is…


Fat Under The Bra Line

When stubborn fat sits on your upper abdominal area, just around your bra line, this is a key sign your liver is not coping with something you’re ingesting or applying…



Processed Foods…

Your body lotion, shampoo, deodorant…

Anything synthetic that your body needs to break down and eliminate can stress your liver out. And as your liver is a hormone processing factory, manufacturing and regulating certain hormone levels, it’s critical for fat loss.

For example, sex hormone binding globule (SHBG) is made in the liver and is necessary for healthy oestrogen levels.

When the liver is stressed, SHBG production can be negatively affected, leading to the oestrogen dominance that can cause fat gain. And speaking of oestrogen dominance…


Fat On The Hips And Thighs

Are you pear-shaped, with stubborn fatty deposits settled on your hips and thighs?

Especially when women are stressed, a drop in their progesterone can occur with an increase in oestrogen, stacking the weight on the hips and thighs. Oestrogen dominance is a dangerous hormonal issue that could be stopping you from shedding unwanted chubby parts.

And now to the area, I’m asked most about.

You guess it…


Belly Fat

Fatty deposits around your belly indicate a couple of possible hormonal challenges, or often a mix of both. These hormonal issues can make it super hard to shift your belly fat and need to be addressed for you to achieve a leaner body.

The first… You’re having issues with insulin and your metabolism and the way your body is regulating sugars.

The second… Your adrenal glands are not happy.

Again, this often comes back to the effects of too much stress.

Stress causes an increase in the hormones, adrenaline, and cortisol, and these both store fat for a rainy day.

Remember, we were designed back when life included floods and famines.

So in order to survive our body stored fat for future hard times.

But in modern life, there is an abundance of food and we are unlikely to face a food shortage…

Yet, the first duty of our body is survival, so knowing this helps us take the steps required to work in harmony with our biology rather than struggle against it.

With this information in mind…

Which body type do you think you are?

It helps to know.

And in this video, I talk about simple steps you can use to help your particular body type get lean.

I can’t wait to hear what body type you are!

Just leave me your thoughts in the video comments.

xx Nik

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