Breakthrough low-fat Vs. low-carb study

Published April 25, 2018

An interesting study just came out that compared…

An interesting study just came out that compared low fat diets vs. low carb diets.

It was a year-long study done by Dr. Christopher Gardner of Stanford University together with the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI), and a team of nutrition specialists.

More than 600 people participated in the study.

Members of my private Leanbody Facebook group were shocked with the results…

But I wasn’t even surprised.


The study revealed that there’s absolutely no difference in weight loss between low carb and low fat dieters.

Both diets had the same effects on metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

20 years ago, low-fat diets were a craze. Every product on store shelves were low-fat. But they replaced that fat with…

Added sugars

Now, we know low-fat diets were a jacked-up health trend. Many nutritional experts think the low-fat trend led to the obesity and diabetes epidemic so many countries deal with today.

But now, we have the opposite extreme.

Low carb diets.  

Don’t get me wrong, I think there are benefits to low carb diets. Particularly, removing added sugar from your diet.

But people are taking it to the same extreme as the low fat dieters. They’re forgetting the core principle of weight loss and healthy eating…

Focusing on whole unprocessed foods.

When you compare low carb vs low fat – neither diet wins.


When you compare healthy, whole food diets vs any diet trend – the people eating less processed foods will be leaner, healthier, and more beautiful every time.

Instead of eating processed, off the shelf products that may be low fat or low carb – eat the fresh, delicious foods that weren’t scientifically formulated, processed, and packaged before getting to the grocery store.

This is a core principle of my Lean Body programs.

Simplicity is the secret to success.

When you get back to basics, eating delicious whole foods that come from the earth, you’ll be shocked.

New-found energy, mental clarity, and deep, restful sleep – Plus kilos of fat and water melting off your body – this Detox will give you the kick-start you need to change your body and mind for years to come.

Xx. Nik

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