Breath of Fire – The ancient breath technique that combats stress and supports the adrenals

Published August 22, 2018

  It’s really important to breathe properly and as…


It’s really important to breathe properly and as silly as it may sound, many of us don’t.


Especially when stressed, we revert to shallow breathing rather than the deep, full breaths that are therapeutic for the body and mind.




Today I’m going to show you how to perform the rhythmical breathing technique, the breath of fire.


This breath is amazing for detoxifying our lungs and calming the nervous system.


It has been used to aid focus, calmness, clarity, and to bring peace of mind…


Yogi’s teach it to improve our health and raise our level of consciousness…


And while it can take a little practice, it’s so worth the small effort.


I’ve recorded a video to show you exactly how you, too, can perform this simple technique…


Because this breath can really help to transform your health.


And at 0:42 I share a quick tip so you know you are breathing well…


See, especially as women, we’ve been conditioned to pull our tummies in so we look thinner, rather than breathe deeply into our abdomen where we move from surviving to thriving.


And, life can also get so busy that we forget to connect with our feminine, so at 1 minute 39 seconds, I show you how to bring this important aspect into this breathing technique.


This method is very powerful and not something I can fully explain by writing instructions for you, as I’m sure you can understand 😉


So at 2:08 I demonstrate how to perform this breathing technique…


This will enable you to see exactly how it’s done and model it yourself.


Once you regularly include proper breathing into your daily life, with short periods of focused fire of breath breathing, you’ll be amazed at the difference something so seemingly simple can make to your life.




xx Nik


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