Should I choose full fat or low-fat foods?

Published July 5, 2018

When you want to improve your health and become lean…

When you want to improve your health and become lean what form of dairy should you choose…

Full fat or skim?

It’s an important question because full fat is thought to have too many calories and skim can have higher levels of sugar.

What do I recommend?

That you always choose full fat.


Full fat includes the whole food so we’re not taking anything out or adding anything in.

This is much better for your body.

I suggest that my clients eat plain full fat yogurt, for example.

If you’d like to sweeten it, add some fresh fruit or raw honey.

See when low-fat dairy is produced, the fat molecules are actually taken out.

But this can mean it doesn’t taste as nice…

So synthetic substances and sugar are then added in to make it more palatable.

But these can contribute to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome and make it harder to achieve a lean body.

Then there is also the removal of the benefits that fat brings.

See when we want to shed fat it is important to stay full from one meal to the next so we can avoid snacking.

And fat has a great satiety rating, which means it keeps us full for longer.

So whether you choose full-fat dairy, nuts, seeds or avocado’s, fat helps you to feel satisfied for a longer period and also helps to reduce the blood sugar fluctuations that can cause snacking.

Yet when we consume refined sugar, like those often added to low-fat foods, we don’t stay full for very long at all.

By incorporating fat in every meal — and protein as well, of course — you keep your body full, which will help you to achieve a lean body.


My tip for determining which products are better for you?


Compare the health panels of different products.

When you look at the full-fat product you may see more calories come from fat, but don’t worry about this.

What’s important is you’ll be able to see the difference in the amount of sugar.

When you want to become and stay healthy and get lean you need to minimise your intake of refined sugar so this is a really helpful step.

So, remember, always choose full fat over low fat.

Your body will appreciate it.

xx Nik

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