Could coffee craving be draining your adrenals and make you more tired?

Published June 13, 2018

Could coffee be draining your adrenals and make…

Could coffee be draining your adrenals and make you more tired?

Have you ever thought about how much coffee you drink, and more importantly, why?

See, coffee is not just a harmless beverage…

Your thirst for caffeine could be a key sign of an underlying hormonal challenge that is stopping you from achieving the lean body you want.


If you have trouble getting started in the morning without a reviving cup of coffee…

If your energy runs out mid-afternoon and you reach for a latte or a cappuccino to pep you up…

If you can’t imagine surviving the next 24-hours macchiato free…

You could have a condition called adrenal fatigue.

What is adrenal fatigue?

Our adrenal glands sit on top of our kidneys and produce one of the key hormones responsible for a healthy response to short-term stress: cortisol.

However, when stress and poor lifestyle choices continue for a long period of time, the ability of our adrenal glands to recover suffers.


Overstimulation of our adrenals causes them to tire and our cortisol levels can become inconsistent; being up when they should be down and vice versa.

In effect, our adrenal glands become fatigued from too much work and excess strain.

Just like us really.

And adrenal fatigue can stop you from achieving a lean body by…

Increasing fat storage…

Causing insulin resistance…

Increasing uncontrolled cravings for sweet foods…

Creating chronic tiredness, especially first thing in the morning, mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and in the evening…

Right when you find yourself reaching for that much needed hot cup of coffee.

So how can you reverse adrenal fatigue?


1) Stop drinking coffee


It’s important to rest your adrenals and you can’t do this while overstimulating them. Going coffee and caffeine free is an important first step.


2) Get sufficient sleep


While the amount of sleep needed varies for each person (after all, we’re all different), ensuring you get the amount of sleep you need is important.


3) Move daily


A sedentary lifestyle increases insulin resistance and weight gain while reducing your ability to relax and recover.

Start to move daily, whether through walking, Yoga or swimming, but…

Don’t do hours of cardio as it can stress your body further.


4) Quit sugar


Refined sugar creates the stress that can exacerbate adrenal fatigue, increase insulin resistance and cause unwanted fat gain.


5) A healthy food plan


Unhealthy foods stress your body and reduce your ability to recover from adrenal fatigue.

Include lots of vegetables and leafy green salads, one piece of fruit per day, and healthy proteins and fats like fresh fish, avocado, free-range eggs, nuts, and seeds.


While the idea of going coffee free might seem strange, even impossible, at first, as you recover from adrenal fatigue your body will thank you and your need for coffee will naturally reduce.

You’ll feel so much better… and get slimmer too!

xx Nik

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