The 3 reasons why you crave salty and fatty foods (Plus, 3 easy steps to stop it)

Published May 30, 2018

Recently one of my…

Recently one of my Lean Body Tribe Facebook group members asked, ‘Why do I crave salty and fatty foods when I transition to a healthy diet?’

There are three common reasons for this that I often see in my practice.

Let’s take a look…


1) We seek a change in our state


People who have trouble sticking to a healthy diet often face an underlying emotional struggle that they use food to cope with.

It may be stress or a lack of love or affection, or they may be in an unhealthy, unhappy relationship.

They may feel overwhelmed by everyday life…

Looking after the kids, plus working, and trying to fit everything in that they feel they should leave little time for a busy woman to destress.

It happens all the time with my clients.

So it’s important to ask…

What do these foods do?

When you eat salty or fatty foods — foods that trigger your taste buds — what is it that the food is doing for you?

Chances are it’s giving you a serotonin hit to help you feel better…

For a moment.

That happy feeling may last for a few moments or a few hours…

But you will likely feel guilty afterward because you’ve just ruined your well-intentioned plans.

So it’s really important to ask yourself…

‘What is the emotional and mental state I’m trying to change when I eat this food?’


‘How do I want to feel?’

Are you feeling lonely, stressed, anxious…

What is going on?

Once you address the underlying cause of the cravings it is possible to reduce or remove the desire by addressing the root cause.


2) Our adrenals are fatigued


Adrenal fatigue is common in today’s society.

We are often busy and chronically stressed and, over time, this depletes our stores and negatively impacts on our health.

And when this happens we have trouble retaining sodium…

So the body cleverly triggers salt cravings to get what it needs.


3) Our taste buds have been altered


If you’ve been consuming chemically altered food and drink for a long time, like McDonald’s, Chinese takeaway, chips, and packet foods, you can become addicted to those flavors.

In fact, companies specifically design and alter foods to make you addicted to their products and tastes.

So, of course, when you cut them out you are going to feel like you need those things, you want those flavors, you require those foods again.

The great news is that cravings can be reversed, usually within a matter of moments to weeks.


In this video, I reveal the 3 simple ways to tackle cravings for salty and fatty foods.

1) The first tip (at 6 minutes and 5 seconds) is something I advise women to do regularly. It takes less than 10 seconds and really helps.

2) Take a step back and drink a large bottle of water.

Often thirst is confused for hunger and by ensuring you are well hydrated, you can listen to what your body truly needs.

3) It takes a little time to change your taste buds. At 6 minutes and 26 seconds, I share a wonderful tip that will naturally speed this process up.


xx Nik 

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