Should you cut out carbs to lose weight?

Published August 15, 2017

    Do you contemplate cutting carbs from your diet…



Do you contemplate cutting carbs from your diet to lose those extra few kilos?


Carbs have been getting a bad reputation in regards to weight loss, with low carb diets gaining a lot of popularity.


We are constantly bombarded with the newest fads, so it’s no wonder that many people are confused whether they should cut out carbs if they want to lose weight.


We often see articles on Social Media telling us to stay clear of all carbs, because they are seen as the devil that adds that extra weight to our body. Well, it must be right because its published online, right?




You shouldn’t remove carbs from your diet.


It’s not a good idea!


No nutrient should be cut out of your diet as it will eventually lead to some sort of nutrient deficiency, something that could lead to other health problems!


Make sure that you include carbs in your diet.


But not just any carbs…


The RIGHT carbs.


They will make a huge difference to your progress, including your body composition and an increase in your energy levels.


TIMING of when you eat carbs is crucial, especially if you are training and exercising regularly.


It is always good to have fast acting carb sources in the morning, for example, fruit. It is easily broken down and digested by your body, also giving you the whole day to put this energy to use.


Fruit post-workout will help you to recover and replace any energy lost during your workout, it WON’T be stored as fat.


Avoid any white and refined carbs. Stick to whole grains such as quinoa or brown rice, and natural vegetable carb sources like sweet potatoes or pumpkin.


These carbs are high in fibre, low in sugar and boast benefits such as stabilising your blood sugar levels.


Typically, if a carb source is white, it is usually refined, meaning it has lost the majority of its nutrients and benefits.


Choose brown wholegrain rice over white rice for example.


Brown rice possesses all its original nutrients, while white rice is a processed alternative with only a fraction of the benefits.


Refined carbs, such as white rice, are broken down by the body differently and can lead to bodily reactions such as an increase in blood sugar.


White bread also sits in this category, apologies!


Even more so than whole grains, aim to get most of your carbs from vegetable sources.


Root vegetables to be precise.


Carrots, potatoes, turnips, and anything else that grows below the ground, all assist with weight loss.


How much carbs should you eat?


Unless you are constantly active, you should eat no more than one fist size serving of carbs per meal.


So don’t listen to any negative information you’ve heard about carbs!


Don’t lose out on all the nutrients and benefits a balanced diet with carbs can bring.


They will not limit your ability to lose body fat.

– Nik


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