Discover the Secret Link Between Mood and Gut Health

Published September 21, 2018

When many of my clients start coaching with me, they…

When many of my clients start coaching with me, they feel worried, overwhelmed, even anxious and depressed…

And this constant stress makes it harder to achieve a lean body.


Because stress can cause insulin resistance and increase inflammation and these underlying issues can stack on the weight and make it difficult to shed those unwanted kilos.

Often these women get told by friends and health professionals to ‘just think positive’ or ‘try harder’…

But reducing psychological worry takes more than thinking it away.

And there is an unexpected reason for this…

Did you know that a healthy gut is essential for a happy mood?

Amazing, hey!

But how are these two seemingly separate things connected?

Have you heard of serotonin?

It’s often referred to as ‘the happy hormone’ because it makes us feel, well, happier!

And most of our serotonin is produced in the gut, so digestive function matters to our mood.

And the great news is there are a number of ways to heal your gut and boost serotonin levels…

But first, it’s important to work out if you could have depleted levels of this hormone.

Low serotonin levels can cause:


  • Low mood
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Cravings for sweet foods
  • Insomnia, and
  • Poor memory


Sound familiar?

There is so much to the gut-brain connection that we don’t yet fully understand…

But there are some key steps you can take to heal your gut and improve your mood.

Let’s take a look…


1) Remove gluten, dairy, and sugar from your food plan

Foods are well known for their ability to improve how we feel and to heal or hurt the gut.

Removing the foods that commonly hinder health is a great first step.


2) Take a quality probiotic

There are incredible neuroendocrine cells in our digestive system called enterochromaffin (EC) cells that produce serotonin…

But they seem to need healthy gut bugs to produce healthy levels of this feel-good hormone.


3) Drink sufficient water

I love mine warm with a little splash of lemon juice, and especially first thing in the morning!


4) Move…

Not all exercise is created equal when it comes to boosting our mood so it’s important you know what type is best for you when you’re stressed.

Find out what exercise I recommend in this episode of #ASKNIK.


5) Sleep

Head to bed at a reasonable time and make a habit of getting up at the same time each morning…

This will help to create healthy sleep habits.

As you make healthier lifestyle choices and heal your gut, you’ll likely find you feel a whole lot healthier, too.


xx Nik


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