How Too Little Rest Creates An Expanding Waistline

Published November 5, 2018

Have you been running yourself ragged? Many of my clients…

Have you been running yourself ragged?

Many of my clients do and it’s one of the first things we need to address.


It is pretty hard to live in the modern world without becoming stressed.

Then, the more pressure that rests on our shoulders, the more we push ourselves.

After all, we’ve been taught that the way to get ahead is to work harder, longer, to virtually will it (whatever ‘it’ is) to happen…

And time to relax gets pushed to one side.

But what does forgoing rest really do to our health and our waistline?

Let’s take a look at the biological impacts of stress because tension unavoidably results from a lack of sufficient rest…


Physical and psychological problems

Back when earlier woman roamed the Earth our major stresses were, for the most part, confined to famine or fight.

And our hormones were (and still remain) intimately tied to stress because they’ve been designed to survive…

Albeit in a world that looks very different from the one we now live in.

As our stress escalates so does insulin resistance because it gives us ready access to instant energy in the form of blood sugar.

After all, you needed a lot of zeal to tackle a tiger!


Inflammation increases because if a bite injected foreign invaders it meant our body was already primed to kill these potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Our reproductive abilities are down-regulated because a time of great famine is not the ideal period for having and raising babies.

Our digestion becomes slowed as all available energy is redirected to win the fight rather than digest, absorb nutrients and eliminate waste.

And this is just the tip of the stress iceberg!

And many of these issues contribute to a bulging midline and the accumulation of unwanted, unhealthy kilos.

Makes sense, right?


The importance of rest, which relaxes and restores our balance, becomes key to a healthy, happy life…

And a slender frame.

So, how can you implement rest even in a busy life?


Here are my top 5 tips:


1) Sufficient sleep

Have you experienced a week of poor sleep?

How did you feel?

If you are like most people you probably felt grumpy, fatigued, unproductive and frumpy.

To boost your sleep, ensure your bedroom is cool, dark and quiet, that your mattress and pillow are supportive and comfortable, avoid blue light for two hours before shuteye, relax in a warm bath, sip chamomile tea and read a funny novel before bed, and set a routine wake time.


2) Minutes of meditation

Many women believe meditation needs to take an hour a day.

If you can make this time, great!

If not, five to 20-minute sessions can make a significant, positive difference.


3) Exercise

I love endorphins!

These incredible, naturally produced chemicals can boost relaxation quickly and get you ready to rest.

Instantly visualising hours in the gym and cardio torture?


That isn’t what I mean as hard work is, well, hard work and can create increased cortisol and stifle good health.

When I talk about exercise for repair and restoration, I mean Yoga, walking, swimming, or dance.


4) Eat well

To rest and relax fully requires nutrients so a healthful food plan is key. For example, include…

Vitamin B: From wild fish, free range eggs, beans and lentils, and dark leafy greens.

Magnesium: Think figs, avocado, banana, peas, green peas, and leafy greens.

Zinc: Opt for oysters, crab, nuts, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, and chickpeas.


5) Sensible supplementation

Another way to ensure you receive sufficient rest is to supplement to help your body and mind unwind.

Vitamin B, magnesium and zinc are available in supplemental form, as are the relaxing benefits of omega three fatty acids, valerian root, and theanine.

And if you’re still tempted to continue burning the candle at both ends, remember…

As your stress levels rise and you forgo the recuperative benefits of rest, you become less productive, more at risk of mental and physical health issues…

And an expanding waistline.

It’s time to step off the hamster wheel!


xx Nik

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