How to cure constipation and bloating naturally

Published July 6, 2018


Many women suffer from constipation and bloating, maybe just like you?


And these common bowel issues can stop you from shedding unwanted fat and achieving the health you deserve…


As anyone who’s experienced constipation knows!


There is a lot of conflicting information out there about our digestive system, even from supposed experts.


So here’s what I’ve found in my clinical practice…


If you’re not emptying your bowels once or twice each day, you are constipated.


Now I know that you may have been advised that three times per week is enough…


But if you’re reading this email there’s a good chance you already know this is false.


And the other symptoms that come with constipation?


– A foggy head and trouble thinking clearly

– An inability to detoxify harmful substances

– Headaches

– Acne

– Bloating

– Nausea

– Reduced appetite

– Passing hard or lumpy stools

– Feeling like you’re blocked up, even unable to go…


To the hemorrhoids, fissure (yes, constipation can actually tear you down there!), and the pain and ill health that can result through an ability for your body to remove these toxic wastes.


The discomfort may even reach the point where you head to your local Chemist to buy medicinal or natural laxatives.


And while I understand you need relief, this can lead to the development of lazy bowel syndrome.


So today I wanted to share the most common two causes of constipation and bloating and what you can to fix them…


1) Dysbiosis


Your gut houses a staggering 3 kg of bacteria.


So when there is an overgrowth of the pathogenic bugs and not enough of the good variety, your digestive function suffers…


You can even develop a parasitic or opportunistic bacterial infestation (this is very common).




What cause dysbiosis to occur?


– Poor dietary habits

– Excessive alcohol consumption

– Other health issues like a sluggish thyroid

– Chronic stress

– Pregnancy

– Regular over the counter medications

– The oral contraceptive pill

– Antibiotic use

– Other medications like anti-inflammatories and synthetic hormones


2) Poor dietary choices


You probably already know this is a problem…


And even that consuming foods that are high in sugar, processed, or that you know you are intolerant to, can lead to constipation, bloating, and eventually, dysbiosis…


So it is time for a constipation fix and a digestive tune-up…


Because to recover from constipation and bloating you must address poor gut function at its root cause.


And that’s why I’ve created this video for you: How to cure constipation and bloating naturally


You deserve to be well and able to get the lean body you want.


Tip: Without a healthy gut you will find shedding fat extremely difficult.


xx Nik


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