How to lift weights without getting bulky

Published May 3, 2018

I am often asked by women what’s the best…

I am often asked by women what’s the best way to slim down rather than gain muscle.

And it’s a great question because many women worry that too much weight lifting can make them build bulk and look masculine.


There are several misconceptions about this that we need to talk about.


Building big muscles requires a combination of genetics, certain types of training and specific nutritional approaches.

And it takes a lot of work!

You’ve no doubt seen the muscle men on TV and in magazines.

Their training is intense; every gram of food is measured, each heavy weight lifted is carefully considered, each lifestyle choice is based on building bulk…

It’s almost a full time job!

This is the same for women who want to get muscle-y, except even harder.

The female body and hormones are not designed to naturally become huge.

We don’t have the amount of testosterone (male hormone) that men do which allows them to build muscle easily.

Many of the female fitness models you see in magazines and on social media take risky hormone replacements and steroids to achieve that look.

Now that you understand that becoming bulky requires a massive effort and a very specific approach, we need to talk about muscles in women honestly.

If you want to lose body fat you need to increase your lean muscle mass.


Lean muscle mass is essential to burn more calories, even at rest.

Not to mention to look toned and defined.

Changing your diet will change the size of your body…

But weight training is what is going to make you looked like you actually go to the gym.

The following tips will help you create muscle tone and lose the excess weight.


Tip #1 Eat more ‘lean body’ foods

Try and reduce your carbohydrate intake slightly and increase your lean protein and healthy fat intake.

Think avocado, free-range eggs, fresh fish, and non-starchy and green leafy vegetables.


Tip #2 Focus on HIIT

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is wonderful for improving weight loss and muscle tone in women.

That’s where you alternate short bursts of intense exercises with less intense periods, called the ‘recovery phase’.

HIIT works well for body weight exercises and with weights, and it can also be done on a rowing machine, elliptical trainer, or an exercise bike.


Tip #3 The secret

At 2:00 minutes into this week’s video, I share a secret tip that will help you get better fat burning results without any extra work

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xx Nik.

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