How to Reverse Stress-Induced Bloat and Belly Pain

Published September 21, 2018

Our digestive system is incredible… Designed to transform the gorgeous…

Our digestive system is incredible…

Designed to transform the gorgeous foods we eat into the nutrition we need and then eliminate what doesn’t serve us.

When this system works well, so do we because the optimal gut function is a key part of wellbeing.

But sometimes, a short circuit in the system creates serious issues that negatively affect our ability to digest food…

And this can stop us from receiving the nourishment that keeps our body and mind working correctly.

So, how can this occur?


One common way I see in my clients is related to stomach acid.

The stomach produces hydrochloric acid (HCL) to enable us to break down the meals we enjoy.

Food is like the clothes thrown into a washing machine, with HCL acting like the detergent…

As the food tumbles and spirals around, it becomes coated in acid and, just like detergent breaks down the dirt, the HCL breaks down the food.

But if we experience low levels of hydrochloric acid, we become unable to break down food as well as we should and this affects everything downstream.



Why does this happen?

There are some common reasons why low stomach acid occurs.

These include things like:


  • Being chronically stressed
  • The aging process
  • Nutritional deficiencies, like zinc and the B vitamins
  • Certain medications, and
  • Stomach surgery, including gastric bypass surgery


Today I want to talk about the first problem: being stressed…

Because I see this so much in women that it is almost like the default.

See, your body is brilliant and, no matter what happens, it is always trying to keep you alive.

So when it senses danger, it automatically diverts all its energy into helping you survive.

Nowadays, we are no longer at risk of famine or deadly attacks by ferocious animals…

Our stressors are constant and mostly mental and emotional…

But our genes haven’t yet had time to adapt.

So our body follows the biological rules set down by generations before us…

It diverts our energy from digestion to our muscles so we can fight or flee.

And with this focus elsewhere, the drop in your stomach’s HCL means you’ll likely not digest proteins well and end up feeling bloated after meals.

And it doesn’t feel good!


What can you do to reduce stress and boost your HCL level back up to a healthy level again?

Here are 5 wonderful, do-able pieces of advice!


  1.  Beat stress through nutrition
  2. Try certain types of exercise (here’s one of my fav’s!)
  3. Enjoy recipes designed to heal your gut
  4. Practice mindfulness and meditation
  5. Take apple cider vinegar with your meals


Low hydrochloric acid and the signs and symptoms that come with it can be reversed…

You just need a little know-how combined with action.


xx Nik


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