Is coffee causing your love handles?

Published May 29, 2018

Is coffee causing your love handles? …

Is coffee causing your love handles? 

It just may be.

I’ve seen many women who both regularly drink coffee and find it hard to lose unwanted fat and…

I recommend they stop.

When they do, often the weight begins to melt away.

Which raises an important question about the popular fad of supplementing with coffee to achieve a lean body…

With any supplement that claims to boost a woman’s ability to shed fat, it’s important to ask…

What is the evidence?

Does it really work?

And can it cause you harm?…

Because it’s important to treat your body well while you get healthier, beautiful.

A study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found:

“CGA [a major component of coffee] resulted in increased insulin resistance”

And insulin resistance often causes that stubborn weight gain women see around their mid-region and belly…

So while I know it’s tempting to reach for a pill rather than change your lifestyle…

Especially when you’re busy…

That won’t help you achieve the results you deserve.


I’ve helped thousands of women get a lean bikini body they love…

But many start in denial about the health effects coffee is having on their body.

So if you love your daily latte routine, you’re in some good company.

Many women do!

But at the risk of sounding tough…

Denial won’t help you move those love handles.

It won’t help you get the results you want.

And it won’t help you get and stay slim.

So how can you find out if coffee is really slowing down your metabolism and causes those love handles?


For at least for eight weeks.

Even if you don’t change anything else, just keep a diary to track your symptoms, weight, and centimetres lost.

You’ll soon know if coffee has been keeping your bikini body at bay and negatively affecting your health.

xx Nik

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