Is this hormone causing your belly fat?

Published April 21, 2018

  I’ve been thinking about hormones and what can go…


I’ve been thinking about hormones and what can go wrong when we’re stressed and overworked.


Lots of women tell me they’re tired of being, well, tired.

And with the tiredness comes the stubborn belly fat and additional weight gain.

It’s uncomfortable, embarrassing and women feel incredibly self-conscious, opting to hide their bi-kini rather than wear it proudly.

Then come the cravings for caffeine and sugar… especially around the 3pm vitality slump… that make it hard to stop eating sweets and carb-loaded foods that can add up to kilos.

So many women tell me they need the energy boost to temporarily lift the 50 shades of brain fog and get them through the day.


Maybe you know what I’m talking about?

Yes? I thought so.

You’re not alone and I want to share a common, overlooked cause.

The hormone, insulin, could be to blame.


What does insulin do?

This hormone helps take sugar from your blood and store it in your cells in case you need it in fu-ture.

As sugar is sticky, your body maintains a strict blood sugar range to provide the energy you need without the dangers a high blood sugar level brings.

But sometimes this hormone can stop working well, with stress often the cause, leading to…


Insulin resistance

Your body has an in-built ‘fight or flight’ response, designed to save your life.

In days gone by, when an attack by the proverbial saber-tooth tiger was a possibility, this response worked well.

It enabled you to run away from danger… and survive.

However, life-threatening situations are now few and far between.

Yet stress dials up this insulin resistance response, with too much stress and too little sleep causing insulin resistance and creating a chubby layer of fat around your middle, and elsewhere too.

While a short term state of insulin resistance can be helpful, if it happens all the time it leads to in-satiable cravings and tiredness, with belly fat an unwanted result.

Insulin resistance also triggers other hormonal changes in your body like the start of an unhealthy game of domino’s.

Yet most diets don’t consider our hormones.

It’s crazy!

Because without getting to the cause of the problem your diets will fail again and again, even though you’re counting calories and exercising hard.

Dealing with insulin resistance correctly is critical.

Ready for me to show you how?


xx. Nik


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