12-week Holistic Body Transformation Program

If you want to finally feel comfortable in your bikini, fit into your wedding dress, slim down and tone up, my Lean Body Accelerator program is for you!  As someone who has trained as a bikini model, I can tell you, losing weight and having a lean body is NOT about starving yourself or exercising 3 hours a day. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Over the past six years I’ve helped over 6000 women, just like you, lose anywhere between 8-14 kilos in as little as 12 weeks and keep it off. My holistic Lean body system works because it comprises of the three essential pillars for losing weight and maintain it.

And my programs don’t involve starving & severe restrictions, eating boring food or spending countless hours in the gym.

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“My body shape transformed significantly, I am a MUCH better person. My perception of stress has decreased dramatically, and I even sleep better. My skin is glowing, and I smile a lot more.”

“Nik connected with me as a person, not just a number. She had a way of understanding me and letting me know everything was ok. Her approach is very professional and her knowledge is limitless!
~ Eve, Sydney NSW


So here’s the deal…

If you want to change the way you look and feel once and for all I’d love to show you how.

Every now and again I take on a handful of people to work with me personally to create a LEAN and SEXY BODY they absolutely love.

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 In my Lean Body Accelerator you will:

✓    Learn the exact steps you need to take to change your body from where it is now to LEAN, TONED, CONFIDENT and SEXY.

    Learn a proven process to help you move out of confusion around food into a space where you get the results you want.

    Receive one-on-one lean body mentoring tailored to your unique biochemistry and physiology.

    Learn how to feel more centered, balanced, and more connected to your beautiful body

✓    Regain your energy, motivation and vitality

 Most women lose approximately 1 kilogram per week during the 12 week program

“The biggest change for me physically has been in my tummy. Mentally it’s been my confidence. No matter what I’ve tried I have not been able to get rid of the saggy skin, stretch marks and wrinkles around my tummy after having my son, but after the results I saw in just 2 weeks I was amazed.”

My skin overall is clearer, no more uncontrolled bloating. I have always had thin flaky nails that would always break before I would need to cut them but now my nails are really strong and grow like crazy. Put all this together and on New Years Day I actually wore a bikini to the beach for the first time ever. And felt good about it!
~ Amanda


Here’s a closer look at what you will receive during the next 12 weeks:

 ✓   Detailed initial 75-minute consultation assessing your full medical, dietary, and exercise history

(Available worldwide. All sessions take place online via Skype)

   Four 30-minute follow-up sessions (every 3 weeks) to ensure you stay on track with adjustments based on your progress

  Weekly group mentoring sessions to keep you accountable and on track, and help you bust through the blocks that have been holding you back

   Lab work analysis (comprehensive metabolic panel assessing your body’s chemical balance and how your body uses energy)

   Customised Lean Body fitness plan based on YOUR body type, level of fitness and objectives

   Tailored and balanced nutritional and supplementation program based on your unique biochemistry (vegetarian and vegan options available

   New delicious recipes and meal structure you can easily fit into your schedule (including portion sizes, meal timing, takeaway options and everything you need to know to succeed)

    Ongoing email support (should you have any questions between sessions)

    Proven Lean Body methods and exercises to help you put an end to food cravings and emotional eating forever

    Unique lifestyle training system that will help you achieve your goals and maintain your lean body long term

    A sense of clarity about your body’s needs, and proven methods to fulfil them


Here’s what you will NOT get:

    A “quick fix” diet that creates a yo-yo effect of losing and gaining weight every few months. We’re going to put an end to this, okay?

✘    Plain food or boring recipes. Great health can be delicious!

    One-size-fits-all program. We’ll collaborate on the best plan of action for you.


Here’s Who This Is For:

  Anyone who wants to learn the strategies to become fitter and healthier WITHOUT exercising more or spending hours on end in the kitchen.

  Anyone who suffers from sugar cravings, bloating, belly fat, digestive issues or low energy, and wants to end their struggles with food once and for all.

  Women who want to enjoy the journey to becoming healthy while getting lean and toned, instead of going from one diet to another.

Women who struggle with emotional eating and want to learn powerful techniques to overcome it, as well as move forward with a clear plan on how to create their DREAM BODY.


Because of the time and effort invested in this individual approach, I only get to work with a handful of people at a time. So this program is by application-only!

When selecting applicants the most important factor I consider is how committed they are to making a change.

Obviously there is a lot of value in this program and requires an investment. I guarantee if you follow my strategies you will lose weight or your money back. I don’t know of another mentoring program that comes with a money-back guarantee. I am confident that it will change your life!

I’ll be teaching you everything that I do from getting ready for a bikini competition to staying in shape and maintaining a lean body all year round.


If you’re ready to revolutionise the way you look and feel, then my Lean Body Accelerator is for you…





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