How to get a lean body without going to the gym?

Published May 29, 2018

I’m often asked, “How much time do I…

I’m often asked, “How much time do I have to spend at the gym to get lean?”

And it’s a great question!

Most women think that the gym will get them what they want…

And this is the first problem.

Going to the gym will contribute to around 10 – 20% of your results, if that.

So it is time to stop telling yourself…

“If I only had a little more willpower…

If I just worked out more often and added a little more cardio…”

Because this kind of thinking is completely wrong.

And it won’t help you achieve a lean body and happiness.

The secret is in mastering your mindset…

You need to think about why you want to achieve a lean body…

What is the big picture?

See in years of helping women to achieve a slender body, I’ve discovered that it’s never about the weight

It’s about what a slender body really means

How is it going to make you feel?

More confident? Sexier? Happier?

More pleasant to be around?

Will it enable you to be more intimate with your partner (because right now you can’t even think about that)?

The answers to these questions is where you will find the motivation to achieve a lean body.

And if you don’t like gym?


There are many ways to increase your activity levels:


Start walking for 30-minutes regularly…

Then aim for 15,000 steps every day.

Try yoga and pilates as these are great, gentle ways to increase how much you move.

Add a walk in your lunch hour, cycle to work instead of driving, or head to dance classes with your partner.

And now we’ve talked about exercise…

I want to share my three top tips to achieving a lean body (without the gym)


1) Learn about foods and what your body needs


It’s important to understand your nutritional and physiological needs…

But unfortunately, we’re not taught about what we need to do and eat to get and stay well.

And this matters because…

Our bodies are like a human Ferrari…

When we fill up with low-quality fuel our performance suffers.

Yet when we learn to consume premium products, we reach the optimal function our bodies have been designed for.


2) Change your mindset from ‘going on a diet’ to living a healthy lifestyle


When you go on a diet, what happens when the diet ends?


And the rebound fat gain and next diet ruins your metabolism and your confidence…

Because you haven’t learned to maintain a stable, healthy weight.

Instead, you develop a thinking pattern that says food is bad and that depriving yourself is the only way to achieve a lean body.

And over time, this makes it harder to shift unhealthy fat and harms your body and mind in the process.

Instead, you need to focus on permanently changing your lifestyle for the better…

Over time…

See if you try the all or nothing approach you are setting yourself up for massive failure…

I’ve seen it time and again!

Instead, focus on what you can do every day…

One less coffee?

More time for meditation?

A weekly massage?

Time spent laughing with your loved ones?

All of these help to reduce stress, improve your health, and increase fat loss as a result of balanced hormones.

And remember: Start where you are now.

As your health improves you’ll have energy to spend on exercise…

And you’ll choose to eat well.

But right now?

Right now if you don’t, sweetheart, that’s ok.


3) Switch your mindset about what you can invest in your health and wellness


I read a saying this morning that said, ‘You think wellness is expensive; you should try illness’.

And it’s so true.

Many women need to change their mindset about what they can invest in.

They drink their daily lattes…

Buy a treadmill that sits unused in the living room…

But don’t invest in the things that will make a huge difference to their bodies and the quality of their lives.

Reading the right books, personal coaching, and tailored retreats can forever change your weight, and importantly, the way you see yourself and how well you live your life.

xx Nik

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