My 4 Simple Steps to Lose Fat, Not Muscle

Published November 6, 2018

I know how tempting it can be for women to…

I know how tempting it can be for women to stand on the bathroom scale, see the number receding and light up…


But is it?

See, fat, muscle and fluid all have a mass: they each weigh something.

And strict and unhealthy diets can cause the loss of important muscle mass, so when you step on the scale the hard number reads lower giving you a false sense of achievement.

You’ll probably feel chuffed because you feel your diet is working…

But the underlying damage from this type of diet may wreak havoc on your long-term success.

That said…


How can you lose fat without losing muscle?

That’s the right question!

Let’s take a look…


1) Want to grow muscle? You need the right building materials!

Protein is wonderful for a number of fat loss, muscle retaining reasons.

This macronutrient boosts our satiety, reduces the number of calories we naturally choose to consume and, as a critical muscle component, its amino acid content contributes to muscle growth and maintenance.

How much should you eat?

Aim for around 0.8 grams per kilo of body weight per day.


2) Don’t cut your calories heavily

You’ve no doubt heard all about the flawed calories in, calories out theory…

One of its failings, I feel, is obvious…

If you exercise, you get hungrier and you eat more.

When you want to shed fat without losing muscle, it’s important to avoid those super low-calorie diets at all costs.

They don’t work long term (after all, who wants to live with an unhappy, grumbling belly forever) and result in your body using its muscle mass for fuel.

They can also ruin your metabolism, increase fatigue and send you spinning into cravings that sabotage your ability to achieve a lean, healthy body.

I talk about this in my article The One Thing You Must Not Do When Trying To Lose Weight and I recommend the read.


3) Resistance training

Resistance training builds muscle and is a simple way to boost muscle mass while shedding fat.

As the colloquial pumping iron improves insulin sensitivity and your metabolism, you’ll be able to shift unwanted fat as opposed to healthy, lean muscle mass.

Sensible, expert-guided resistance training is a wonderful win-win.


4) Sufficient Sleep

When sleep deprived and exhausted your body and mind will seek out instant energy sources.

Foods like crisps, chocolate, and sugary soft drinks become impossible to resist no matter how wonderful your willpower.

Add to this the fat storing condition, insulin resistance, that often results from chronic poor sleep, and it becomes clear that ensuring sufficient shuteye must become a regular practice.

These four tips will help you to lose fat without losing muscle…

And remember, when you want to achieve a lean body, gorgeous, you must focus on the type of weight as opposed to the dopamine hit delivered from the lowered number on a scale.


xx Nik

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