Could the ‘Safe and Natural’ Products that You’re Buying Be Hurting You?

Published November 5, 2018

Do you really know if what you are buying is…

Do you really know if what you are buying is good for you?

I want you to do something for yourself as soon as you’ve finished this article…

Yes, right now, before the distractions of your busy life get in the way.

What is it?

Well, I’ve been talking about the dangers of toxins and ethical sustainability for years.

Poor choices have potential health consequences for both humans and our planet.

But there are some sneaky things happening.

See, companies unethically market to us with the aim of simply selling products instead of providing people and environmentally friendly goods…

Even for those of us who are careful to choose well.



There are a number of ways…


1) A brand name can include the words organic or natural without being so


2) A products’ colours and design can infer it is environmentally friendly even when it’s not

But there are more subversive ways aimed at duping conscientious purchasers like you and me.

This really annoys me and is why I’m writing this because…


3) Big multinational corporations can choose to buy small, ethically focused companies and continue the original branding.

Many consumers simply don’t know because these corporations go to lengths to ensure you don’t realise there has been a change of hands.

And while the products may look the same, the old values, mission, and the actual ingredients you love may get altered.


For example:

Sweet Earth, a vegetarian food company, was purchased by Nestle, a company with a reputation for human rights and sustainability problems…

Daiya, a vegan cheese company, was purchased by Otsuka, a pharmaceutical company that engages in animal testing…

The organic brand Cascadian Farm’s that was once loved for having no added sugar had its sugar content reportedly trebled following its take over.

Sadly, we can’t assume that what a product claims in its large print is the real truth…

Or that the brands which once represented the values, mission, and ingredients we cherish still, in fact, do.

It’s important we double check.

I like how The Ethical Consumer sums it up, “We should be wary of multinational corporations acquiring smaller ethical companies as a route to new ethical markets which saves them from having to address core issues across the rest of their business.”

How do I recommend you protect yourself?

Go and check out your cupboards now.

Settle down with a cup of chamomile tea and do some research.

Ensure you are getting what you pay for because it matters.


xx Nik

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