Stop: These 7 habits are causing your belly fat!

Published July 24, 2018

  I’m excited to share a powerful video that…


I’m excited to share a powerful video that could help transform your body and your tummy.




There are seven common belly fat mistakes I see women make every day.


They can really limit your success so I wanted to share them with you because…


These mistakes can stack on the weight and make it hard to lose…


Especially around your midsection.


And they are such mainstream habits they’re often completely overlooked when it comes to successful weight loss, or worse, considered unimportant.


I can tell you, they are not.


Starting with number two, the second fat gaining habit I share in this video is crucial.


Many people consume this product regularly and yet, especially for women, when it is stopped they start to lose weight, almost immediately.


No extra effort… No additional exertion…


See, this product creates a spike in the fat-loving hormone called cortisol.


Cortisol stores body fat in case of a rainy day… Except we no longer have to chase mammoths so when it comes to our food plan; there is no rainy day.


Then there’s the third habit.


With its hidden hormone disruptors and additives, your body struggles to metabolise and eliminate it.


This, too, can cause your cortisol to rise and your body and belly to gain weight.


Between these two easy mistakes, it’s no wonder the belly fat isn’t budging!


Add in stress, plus the digestive challenges that underlie many of my client’s weight challenges, and it’s easy to see why you might be struggling.


If you are like many people I know, you might be trying really hard to get a flat stomach by adding in a certain type of exercise.


But this type of exercise could be making things worse… yes, you read that right… by causing a ravenous appetite where you are so hungry you eat everything in sight…


Let’s just say it’s no wonder your excess belly and body fat won’t move.


But the good thing is, once you know these mistakes you can take steps to avoid them.


And I always love to give you tremendous techniques to help. So…


I also share the three little-known things you can do to reduce belly fat.


Enjoy the video and let me know your successes.



xx Nik


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