The 5 Habits that Cause Fat Storage (and what to do about them)

Published July 26, 2018

Many people live a very busy and stressful life these…

Many people live a very busy and stressful life these days.


We have to balance a career, run a household, raise a family, and try to look great as well…


After all, that’s what’s expected, right?


But with all this pressure we also experience an increase in our stress hormones; adrenaline and cortisol.




We are designed for survival.


Before we drove modern cars and lived in secure homes we faced situations that could be life-threatening…


So we developed a fight or flight response so we could escape to safety.


While today we don’t face many life-threatening situations, we still have this inbuilt design.


And it makes sense…


Because back when life was more dangerous, the effects of adrenaline — like increased blood pressure and reduced fertility and digestive function — could save our lives…


Then, when the threat was over, our bodies would revert to their relaxed and healing state.


But the stresses of modern life don’t ever stop…


So we swap the immediate kick of adrenaline for the hormone often related to low levels of chronic stress, cortisol.


And cortisol helps us gain fat.


Historically, this was a protective mechanism to help stave off the starvation associated with famine or war.


If we stored body fat, we’d have a ready supply of the energy we might need to survive.


What does this mean for you, now?


When you gain body fat and decide to go on a calorie restricted diet, what you are really telling your brains is, ‘You’re right! We are in danger. We must store energy!’


So, really, diet pills shakes and low-calorie diets are the opposite of what we should be doing.


What do you need to do instead?


At 2:31 in this video I talk about my favourite restorative forms of exercise…



These help to bring down stress levels while boosting the muscle mass we need to burn calories and more easily shed fat.


Then at three minutes, I discuss the 5 common habits that contribute to fat gain…


And what you can do instead…


Because by being aware of these and then making different choices you can achieve a lean body, too.



xx Nik


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