Will juicing help you get leaner?

Published August 29, 2017

Is it just me or is there a…

Is it just me or is there a new juice cleanse or smoothie diet every time you watch tv?

Nothing feels better than drinking a delicious, fresh cup of juice or a thick, flavorful fruit smoothie.

But here’s the real question:


Which is better to help you achieve the lean and healthy body you’ve dreamed of?

Juices and smoothies are made of the same thing – fruit. But smoothies have something very important that juices don’t…


Fiber is such an under-rated nutrient with some amazing benefits:

  • It bulk’s up inside your stomach, keeping you fuller for longer


  • It slows the release of sugar into your bloodstream leading to less insulin (insulin is your body’s ‘storage hormone’ and causes your body to store sugar as fat)


  • Higher fiber consumption is correlated with less body fat, more energy, and more lean body mass


  • It’s amazing for keeping you regular, preventing stomach bloating, and digestive problems


  • It helps you lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure


  • Fiber is inversely correlated with dozens of different diseases (that means the higher your fiber consumption, the lower your chance is of developing those illnesses)


Long story short: if you pick smoothies over juices, you will feel fuller, avoid fat-storing insulin spikes, and give your total-body health a huge boost.

I explain how in this video!

Here are some tips for making your smoothie even healthier:

  1. Try to include more veggies vs fruits – 1 piece of fruit for every 3 pieces of veg is a good start


  1. Include some dark leafy greens like spinach in the smoothie – they are packed with Nitric Oxide, a gas which has powerful benefits for your cardiovascular system (beets work too!)


  1. If you’re trying to lose body fat, add some protein powder into the mix – this will help you spare lean body mass to help you get the sexy, toned body you’ve been working towards.


Start making some delicious smoothies today – they’re a tasty way to help you reach your goals.



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Nik Toth